5 Reasons Why Drawing is Important

5 Reasons Why Drawing is Important

Everyone need his own hobby. Start painting as a hobby is awesome activity for adults and children. We will show you that painting can be interesting and give some painting ideas for beginners.

We are sure that every person can start painting as a hobby. Some people think that drawing is a thing only for people who are talented. We think that drawing is important for every person. It is a way one can express their emotions and bring meaning to moments in their lives. There are a number drawing benefits. It’s the high time for you to begin panting. What first comes to mind when you visit modern art gallery? Most of the paintings there are absolutely marvelous but isn’t there also a thin line between “what a masterpiece” and “maybe I could do the same if I only tried”. Have ever had a thought like this, and if so, why not to try? Maybe it’s the high time for you to start drawing.

How to start painting as a hobby

Drawing is a unique chance to express your personality in the most comfortable way. And also it seems like the best thing which worth trying. Because it is not a place where something can go wrong, regardless of what you are going to draw it will always be your one and only footprint stamped by the aura of your inner heart that comes from within.

Why this hobby is really good? Just take a look at it: it doesn’t depend on age, doesn’t require any special preparation or long-term studying. You can start from today. Actually your starting point can be even now – at this very moment. All you need is some time for yourself and variety of pens to draw your most extraordinary ideas in any color you like. Or maybe you want just to make a sketch of your pet or cartoon character and address this funny card to your friend or family. Or you want to paint the plate or box to decorate your own house. You can even paint your dog-collar in any pattern you like. Just take a look what amazing thing you can create with our markers:

Dog's collar

We are here to provide you with support and examples of any kind and of course with any kind of markers you can only imagine. Just try it and you will surely enjoy it.

If you only start your drawing experience we can support you with the step by step tutorial - flowers, cars, cartoon characters, animals anything you ever wanted to draw!

Just look and follow


Help to escape problems, stress

Drawing is also very meditating activity. It helps you to leave out the stress or worries. And by saying “out” we mean literally out of the time when you are able to create the whole new world of your fantasy. And it surely looks like the nicest place to visit without going anywhere or even leaving your room or kitchen. Moreover throughout the drawing in the easy manner you can overcome your fears or even find the solutions to your problems. Just keep your hands busy and let the sub-consciousness do the work. You can also enrich your touching sense by using other materials like stone or wood. Moreover you can color anti-stress pages on these materials and enjoy the result. We have created special different sets. We have already prepared everything for you.

Just open and create. 

Develop your creativity

Drawing is the opportunity to see the world from the different angle. It’s said that the energy flows where the attention goes. So make sure your attention is in the right place – perfect forms, bright colors, beautiful shapes and patterns. You can master the environment around you. Our acrylic pens can be the most useful as they can be applied on any surface.

Our markers can make your clothes and things creative. You can open your hidden personal qualities. Why not to design your own place? When it’s so simple as this with our pens and markers.

Nobody will have such amazing goods. You will be special. It doesn’t mean that you will buy expensive designers clothes. You will do it by yourself and drawing will help you. You can use our makers on any surface. Artistro acrylic paint pens look great on a variety of surfaces including glass, ceramic, rocks, wood, paper, canvas, fabric and more. Turn on your imagination and try to draw wherever you want using Artistro pens. Also, you can make a present with our markers. Make individual mug for a friend or creative plate for mother.

You can make your place nice and beautiful and also share this beauty of your imagination and talent with your friends by stamping the present with your own “lucky mark” or make the full present yourself; picture, statuette, plates and many other as far as your imagination goes.

Mug Dinosaur

Train your brain

It is known that action prolongs your brain activity as it helps in the formation of new neurons in your brain. Just imagine: every new action or skill that you are training regularly helps your brain to stay young and strong. Just by developing your hobby you can keep your memory strong. It’s just like learning new language. And we have everything to make this process even brighter, we have sets in 42, 30 and 12 sets made particularly for this purpose. We choose and collect all main colors for you.

All needed colors in one box.


Through drawing you can literally talk to people. Share with them your ideas or happy moments. It helps you to communicate with those who own the same passion for art as you do. What a fun it is to communicate in the language of creativity, learning from the others and sharing your bright thoughts with the world. We are here to help you to spread your talent. Just share your works with us and other people. We will help you to communicate and present your ideas to the world.  We publish them on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and our site. Use our #artistro in any social network. We will see you and like your art.

Wood Slices

If you have something to share with the world it is so important to show it to the other people, you never know what inspiration you could be for others. You are able to inspire your friends, kids, or grandparents to create something beautiful to memorize their personality.

Your age doesn’t matter. Experience doesn’t matter as well as it is only a result of practice. And with our pens and markers you can practice any time anywhere. So let yourself spend at least few minutes per day, being one on one with the beauty of art and positive vibe of drawing.

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