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7 Original DIY Pillowcase Ideas from Artistro

Create a cozy atmosphere at home with our DIY Pillowcase Ideas to create amazing pillow case designs with your own hands.

To create painted pillows, you will need the following art supplies: 

7 Beautiful DIY Pillowcase Ideas

1. The Magic Bird


Such a pillowcase design will not only create a cozy home atmosphere by the fireplace, but will also help you enjoy the gentle singing of birds even in winter.

2. Girl with a Pearl Earring


And this idea is perfect as a gift for all creative people. Sleeping on such a pillow will help everyone get inspired to create stunning art masterpieces!

3. Halloween Souvenir


If you are looking for both original and useful Halloween surprises, this design is exactly what you need. Such a pillow can be used not only for its intended purpose, but also to decorate the room with it on holidays.

4. Sounds of Music


Another great idea for creative people who are equally in love with music and painting. This DIY pillowcase idea with a guitar and magic zentangle patterns will be a great source of your inspiration.

5. Motivational Quotes 


Do you like motivational posters? It's time to move to the next level - motivational pillows! Create a unique lettering on your pillowcase with your own hands to stay motivated every morning as soon as you wake up.

6. Gift Bouquet


Did you miss the smell of the Christmas tree and gifts? Create a holiday with your own hands! Use this great idea to make a craft pillowcase and enjoy the New Year's atmosphere all year round.

7. Source of Magic


This design is sure to become your source of not only magic, but also sweet dreams! Use your imagination and all the wealth of color art supplies you have at your fingertips to create this vibrant lettering.

To get the painted design of the pillows shown in the video, use Artistro medium tip markers in these colors: gray-green, turquoise, green grass, red, carmine or burgundy, white, gray, purple, golden.

How to Decorate a Pillowcase Step by Step

As an example, we will analyze in detail the very first idea from the pillow case designs we offered.

Preparatory stage. First you need to prepare the necessary art supplies, choose the desired option from the pillow cover ideas listed below, and prepare the pillowcase itself. Be sure to pre-wash, dry, and iron the pillowcase before starting work. Before applying the picture, secure the pillowcase to a flat surface with duct tape and place a piece of cardboard inside to prevent possible ink leakage. Regardless of which design you choose, the preparatory phase will be the same in all cases.

Stage 1. Draw a wreath of leaves and berries. Press the plate firmly against the pillowcase and use a pencil to trace around the rim to outline a circle. You will need a sketch of this figure to create a symmetrical circle, along the contour of which you will draw a wreath. Use green and blue markers to draw the leaves; and markers of red and burgundy to complement them with berries. Take a gold marker and draw stars as decoration. Draw the vine along the contour of the wreath with strokes of black color.

Stage 2. Draw a bird inside the wreath. To create such craft pillow cases, you need a pre-prepared stencil. Press the bird stencil firmly against the pillowcase and trace around it with a pencil. Tint the entire body of the bird with a white marker, and then tint the wing with a gray marker. Add details to the drawing: draw a red crest, add texture to the feathers on the belly in turquoise, draw the bird's eye and beak with a black marker, draw legs and outline its tail.

Stage 3. Add a gold lettering. Inside the wreath above the bird, create a graceful lettering with a motivating phrase or wish. Use a gold or glitter marker for this.

The final stage: Securing hand painted pillows. Wait a day for the drawing to dry well, then iron it through a cotton cloth at maximum mode for a couple of minutes. After that, the drawing can be washed.

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