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Diy Painted Mugs Master-Class | Artistro


This master class is great for sharing creativity with kids, as it is simple and, at the same time, fun. This time we will create diy painted mugs with funny drawings at the bottom of the cup.

painting ceramic mugs


1. Wadded disks and any degreaser – ethyl alcohol, nail polish remover or white spirit;
2. Acrylic paint – for painting the bottom. In this example, black paint is used, but you can choose any color;
3. Marker for ceramics and glass of contrasting color or acrylic or contour paints for painting utensils;
4. Scotch tape – usual or painter.


Drawing technique:

1. Degrease the bottom of the mug or glass;
2. Glue the scotch tape as shown in the photo below;

how to paint mugs

3. Next, apply in a thick layer of paint on the bottom of the mug;
4. After all, the bottom will be painted, peel off the tape and place the mug in the oven bake at a temperature of 325-350 degrees F for 30-35 minutes.

Then allow the mug to cool down;

painting on mugs

5. As soon as the mug cools after baking, smooth the edges of the painted bottom, for example, with a knife as shown below in the photo;

ceramic diy painting mugs

6. And now it’s time to paint. The drawing can be applied with contour or acrylic paints or a special acrylic marker for ceramics such as Artistro. Felt-tip pens and markers are not necessary to bake, they dry for 24 hours, but acrylic paints can be dried either naturally, leaving to dry for 1 day, or bake at a temperature of 325-350 degrees F for half an hour.

painting coffee mugs

painting coffee mugs with acrylic paint

Here are the other ideas for drawings on the bottom of the cup.



The technique of dot painting (point to point or peak) – will be a little more difficult, and still, anyone can cope.

ceramic mug paint

     What will be required:

  1. Contoured paints for glass and ceramics, acrylic paints with a small brush or marker for ceramics;
  2.  Degreaser and wadding disks for degreasing, as well as cotton buds to correct the drawing.


how to paint on ceramic mugs

       Technique of painting mugs:

  1. Decrease the surface of a cup or glass;
  2. Draw a sketch of the desired pattern or image with your own hands or print the picture in the desired size..
  • In the case of painting cups from glass, the sketch must be pasted with an adhesive tape on the back;
  • If you paint on ceramics, then with the help of a sketch you will be able to outline the main contours and lines along which the drawing will be built;
  •  And you can also make a stencil and template (with your own hands or print on a printer) or use an adhesive tape.

coffee mug painting

ceramic cup painting ideas

draw on coffee mug

First you need to test all the tubes and make sure that the colors are not too liquid and not too  thick – they should be squeezed out easily, but not a puddle. Then practice on a sheet of paper to put small, medium and large diameter dots with the same pressing and spacing. (see the photo below).The distance between the dots should not only be the same, but also the minimum;

dot paint pens

As soon as the dots become the same size, start drawing, keeping the distance from the edge of the circle about 0.75 inch.

Basic principles of mugs’ dot painting:

As it was already said: in one line the dots should be the same in diameter and volume (if you draw with contours);

diy coffee mug art

It is especially important to sustain the same and optimal distance. It must be such that the dots are distinguishable, but not disjointed, so that they form a single line. In this case, keep in mind that the larger the point, the greater the distance between them is permissible, and vice versa, the smaller the point – the smaller the interval should be maintained;

First you need to draw large, that is, the main parts of the picture, arranging the entire composition, and only then draw the details.

7. The finished drawing needs to be fixed. For this, the mugs should be put in the oven for half an hour to bake at a temperature of 325-350 degrees F. Marker pens most often do not require baking and dry up for 1 day.

You can create painted mugs with not only dots, but peas, which can be applied with acrylic paint with the eraser from a pencil, a cotton swab or a brush. Here are some interesting ideas for painting glasses and mugs in peas.

paint your own mug

painting cups

acrylic paint on ceramic mugs

how to paint coffee mugs permanently

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