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Amazing Easter Egg Painting Design Tutorial

It's time to bake Easter cake and master egg art painting - the bright Easter holiday is approaching!
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Artistro wants to support you and show how you can spend time with fun and stay at home 🙌 We have already shared with you the ideas of original Easter paintings projects. To extend the festive atmosphere, today we want to offer you some fascinating step-by-step instructions on how to paint festival eggs.

Easter is coming and it's time to prepare! Let's start our egg painting party 😉

How to Paint Easter Egg?

In this article, you will find amazing tutorials on painting completely different types of festival eggs, including:

  • simple patterns
  • semi-craft egg designs
  • original egg paintings designs
  • beautiful flower paintings

Merry Chicken Easter Egg Painting

For this project you will need:

Step 1. Prepare the egg. It must be clean and dry.

egg for painting

Step 2. Draw the outline with a black paint pen.

painting on eggs

Step 3. Add some yellow color.

egg shell painting

Step 4. Draw a chicken beak with a red paint pen.  

easter egg diy

Step 5. Add a gray background.

egg art painting

Step 6. Glue the eyes to the chicken. If you don't have them ready-made, you can just draw the eyes with a black paint pen.

chicken painted eggs

Flower Egg Painting Designs

For this project you will need:

How to paint Easter egg:

  1. tint the entire surface of the egg with the desired color and wait until it dries
  2. draw the outline of the bunny's body and tint it with black marker
  3. use green marker to draw the stems and add some leaves
  4. use a purple marker to draw the outline of the flower bud
  5. tint the flower petals with white and blue marker respectively
  6. draw the outlines of additional small flowers and tint them with a red marker
  7. use white marker to draw patterns on the body of the hare
  8. trace all the outlines of the bunny and flowers with black marker to create accents

egg painting techniques

Simple Pattern Drawing on Eggs

For this project you will need:

Instructions for painting festival eggs:

  1. tint the surface of the egg with acrylic paint and wait until this layer is completely dry
  2. add patterns in the form of stems with leaves, circles, or flowers using a white marker
  3. soak a brush in black paint and create random splashes on the surface of the egg (by tapping another brush on its shaft)

happy easter art

Amazing Semi-Craft DIY Egg Art Painting

For this project you will need:

  • prepared bows (you can use ready-made ones or make a bow from a strip of fabric yourself)
  • pieces of colored felt
  • double sided tape
  • scissors
  • eggs
  • markers

How to make this original project:

  1. cut the base of the bunny ears out of white felt with scissors
  2. cut the inside of the bunny ears out of colored felt
  3. glue the base and the inside of the ears together with double-sided tape
  4. glue these ears to the egg using double-sided tape
  5. glue the finished bow on top of the ears
  6. draw the face of the bunny with a black marker
  7. draw and tint the heart of the desired color with a marker

easter painted egg

Congratulations👏 Your awesome painted Easter eggs are ready✅