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DIY Mother's Day daisy card | Artistro

As Mother's Day is soon, how do you tell your mother you love her?

Of course, with a cute and bright card in a shape of a flower! 🌸

This DIY will help you to create a perfect gift for Mother's Day! Transform your love into a small token of appreciation — flower card where every petal consists of a nice and heartwarming phrase about your mother. Bring a smile to your mom’s face this spring!


1. Gather your supplies.You will need white sheet of paper, yellow sheet of paper, pencil, Artistro paint pens, scissors, glue and inspiration! 

2. Draw and cut out petals from white paper. And fold the yellow paper the way it is shown on the picture below. 

3. Glue petals to the yellow folded paper and make dots with gold color Artistro marker. 

4. Write a description on every petal.

The perfect gift for mother is ready! 



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