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30 Rock Painting Ideas | Artistro

Artistro paint pens are perfect for rock painting and we love sharing ideas of things to paint on rocks with you. Check out these 30 creative ideas and have fun painting rocks! 

1. Rainbow Rock Painting Ideas

rock rainbow

This brightful and multicolored art idea that will cheer up your children, friends or relatives! Add happiness to your life!

2. Jelly Beans Stones

rock jelly

It’s jelly beans time! We know there are a lot of sweet lovers out there so we just had to include this dessert rock idea.

3. Solar System Rocks

rock solar system

Never stop dreaming! Explore new stars and galaxies with the Artistro markers!

4. Dr. Seuss Painted Rocks

rock dr suess

This is another great one for Dr. Seus illustrations. We love how it takes advantage of the entire rock, and you can really do it on any shape!

5. Theater Themed Painted Rocks

rock theatre

This idea starts as a rock painting activity, then turns into a crafting session, and then a theatrical performance! So many hours of entertainment are waiting for you!

6. Kindness Rocks Design Ideas

rock wtih words

Hopefully, you’re now feeling inspired y these quotes to go out and hunt some new rocks for painting!

7. Rock Cactus

rock cactus

You could decorate your garden with these cute cactuses and make other plant painted rocks as well to mark different areas of your space.

8. Smile Rock Painting

rock smile

These bright smile should be super easy to paint and your kids will be surprized with this craft.

9. Rock from Beauty and the Beast

rock cup

Every Beauty needs her Beast to protect her from everything but him. Let's believe in a fairy tale today!

10. Superwoman Painted Rock

things to paint on rocks

Superwoman possesses superhuman strength, invulnerability, flight, speed, enhanced senses and immortality. Feel like a superhero with this rock painting idea!

11. Mushrooms Stones

rock mushroom

Perfect idea for your garden, these mushrooms rocks look fresh and they should be pretty easy to paint too!

12. Hamburger Rock Painting

rock hamburger

These hamburgers looks sooo tasty!Just make sure no one tries to eat one or they might lose some teeth…

13. Be Happy Rocks

rock bee

Most rocks are perfect for making little bee bodies! This is another great garden rock idea too.

14. Elephant Painted Rock

rock elephant

If you’re an elephant fan, this rock idea will definitely need to be added to your animal collection! Would make a great addition to your personal zoo!

15. Dragon Eyes Rocks

rock dragon eyes

16. Harmony Stones

rock harmony

In order to find harmony it is not necessary to do everyday yoga - draw with us!

17. Mario Rocks

rock Mario

This rock painted Mario would make a great addition to your gaming room!

18. Animals on Rocks

rock animals

These animals are so cute! Paint your favorite animal right now and stay inspired!

19. Watermelon Painted Stones

Rock watermelon

Everyone needs a little bit of watermelon in their summer! Let it be juicy and tasty!

20. Pink Car Rock

rock car love

The pink color makes everything looks pretty. What is the color of your mood today?

21. Angry Birds Rock Painting

rock angry birds

Children will definitely want to draw these rocks with you! There are not mad, they are ANGRY BIRDS!

22. Tic Tac Toe Rocks

tic tac

Let's play tic-tac-toe with this cute penguins!

23. Hedgehog Stone Painting


Even this hedgehog can be kind, Let’s become a little kinder too!

24. Little Gnomes Painted Stones

gnomes painted rock

Perfect for the children room, these gnome rocks look great and they should be pretty easy to paint too!

25. Cute Rocks Devoted to Pets

animals painted on rocks

These rock art ideas should all be pretty easy to make (even for kids) so get together and do some family rock painting!

26. Girl Power Stones

face painting on rocks

Girl, you can change the world! Draw your friend or mom - surprise them with a unique gift!

27. Trees Rock Painting

trees painted rocks

We love how colorful these trees rocks are! This is another great idea for nature lovers.

28. Rabbit Rock


This rabbit painting idea will fit right in with your children room and add a slight fantasy feel!

29. Shining Unicorn Rock Art


There is magic inside you. Sparkle like a unicorn!

30. Pink Rock Painting

pink flamingo and butterfly

Mood of the day - definitely pink! This color also associated with sweetness, tenderness, charm, sensitivity, childhood and romance.


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31 March, 2020


I have been wanting to paint on rocks, I have a lot of them so thanks for the ideas.

24 March, 2020


Great ideas to get my 5 year old granddaughter entertained. Thank you

20 March, 2020


Thanks for sharing during this time of quarantine. I can copy, but not create..looks like fun..from

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