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Top 7 Painting Surfaces to Reveal your Inner Artist

Artistro paint pens: 小onquer any painting surfases! Artistro markers let you create on any surface available: ceramic, wood, glass, rock, fabric, canvas, plastic.

Any journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.聽 Any masterpiece begins with the slightest touch of a brush. Will you choose to be the one who observes the masterpiece or the one who creates it?

Why did Johannes Vermeer choose tempera?聽 Why did he prefer canvas to all other painting surfaces? Why did Raphael Santi choose oil paints over tempera later?

These geniuses have created masterpieces that have inspired us for centuries, the antiquities that give us invaluable knowledge. Their paintings are the voice of the ages piercing through the ashes of centuries, created to excite our hearts today.

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They reveal us the Art itself echoing through the ages to become our Guiding Light today.

Imagine for a second what it would be like if Vermeer didn't have to mix oil paints and tempera? What if Raphael wasn't limited to painting tools and art surfaces? What other masterpieces would they have embodied if they had the opportunity to create without restrictions?

Creativity knows no boundaries

Today Artistro brand gives us a unique opportunity to create without restrictions in the choice of tools and painting surfaces Artistro Acrylic paint markers have absorbed the best characteristics of acrylic and oil paints to become their advanced replacement. You can use Artistro Paint Pens as oil markers that do not require additional post-processing or as acrylic paints if you want to work with ceramics and clay that need baking after. Artistro Paint Pens literally let you create on any surface available.

Top 7 Different Types of Painting Surfaces

  1. ceramic
  2. wood
  3. glass
  4. rock
  5. fabric
  6. canvas
  7. plastic

Ceramic is one of the聽best surface for acrylic paint available as ceramic products require oven heat treatment. Working with ceramics requires special care, because in the process you need to pay attention to small 3D details. Having painted your masterpiece on a ceramic surface, give it a day to dry and then bake it. Please note that such dishes are not meant for food, only for decorative purposes.Ceramic is the perfect choice for artists who like to decorate tableware, figurines, make small sovereigns, or want to add fun to their home with bright d茅cor.

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Wood聽is one of the most capricious, but one of the most suitable聽surfaces for acrylic paint at the same time. There are different types of wood, which are classified according to:

  • wood species
  • thickness
  • processing method
  • composition (HDFB, DFB, particleboard)
  • Natural wood has a lot of impurities that can distort colors later, and particleboard tends to swell due to moisture. Before starting work with wood, make sure that the working surface is absolutely clean and dry, free from roughness, unevenness and damage. Treat wood with a stain remover, apply a primer and sand before painting.

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    Glass is another suitable聽acrylic painting surface to express your creativity. Just imagine this play of chiaroscuro, rainbow highlights and iridescent reflections! Choosing among the fun things you can paint on you should definitely try glass painting.

    However, working with glass has disadvantages that appear in the form of adhesion and cloudiness when it is sandblasted. Therefore, use glass with a thickness of at least 6 mm and treat only those areas to which you will apply the paint directly.

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    Rock聽is definitely one of the newest and trendiest聽acrylic paint surfaces. Since the art of rock painting is so young, you have a unique chance to succeed and become one of the top artists.

    Painting on stones does not require any special techniques or materials. Stone is one of the simplest and most accessible聽surfaces to paint on. All you need is fresh air, a handful of stones and an unbridled desire to create. Go for it!

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    Fabric. If you are looking for original聽painting surfaces for acrylics, the fabric is a must have. Refresh your old T-shirt or faded jeans with a fresh and vibrant DIY painting!

    There are no special rules or restrictions, just draw what you want and then iron the fabric to harden your drawing. Two simple steps - and a completely new unique DIY item is in your hands!

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    Canvas is an immortal classic that speaks for itself. The advantages of the canvas are undeniable: high absorption, lightweight, soft texture. But be prepared that you will need some practice before learning how to properly stretch the canvas.

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    Plastic. Among the plastic things to paint with acrylics or markers, no doubt your first thought will be the iPhone case. Personalization of a gadget has never been so easy and fun! You can also decorate your spouse's lunch box with a drawing, your daughter's favorite doll or paint plastic Christmas bubbles. Having created a unique decor for your personal iPhone case, do not hesitate to involve the whole family in creative activities.

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    The best surface for acrylic paint: Keys and tips

    How to create unique designer clothes with your own hands? Fabric gives you unlimited room for imagination in the choice of things you can paint on it. Acrylic markers and acrylic paints are perfect tools for drawing on fabric surfaces. After ironing, your design will become permanent. For detailed step-by-step instructions on how to draw on fabric and seal your design afterwards, you can read our article.

    How to prepare wood for work? Don't forget that wood is one of the most demanding painting surfaces. Over time, moisture can cause the particleboard to swell, distorting the texture of the canvas and ruining your painting drawing. Since natural wood contains resins and various essential oils, there is a risk that the color scheme will suffer from this. Before getting started, prepare the wood in the right way:

  • choose only smooth or semi-smooth slices
  • remove all irregularities and roughness
  • sand the wood properly
  • treat the slice with a primer
  • How to design ceramic and glass? Acrylic markers and paints work great on ceramic and glass surfaces. You can use the stencil method or create a drawing yourself. Now you have access to painting souvenirs, statuettes, handmade cups, dishes, wine glasses and much more. After baking in the oven for an hour, your handmade design will become permanent. Be sure to read our article on baking cups and painting wine glasses.

    Why is canvas good for painting? Canvas is a painting surface for professional artists. It takes practice and some skill before you can work on it. The main advantages of canvas are as follows:

  • high absorption capacity
  • dense texture
  • lightness
  • softness
  • versatility of application
  • There are several variations of canvas: on stretchers and without it, clean canvas and pre-primed ones. Also, canvas differs in size. Which one to choose and what to paint on it depends on your idea.

    Why is paper the number one painting surface? Paper is the most common and available of all art materials. Thanks to its lightness and ease of use, even a child can master hundreds of things to paint on it. Paper can differ in density, color, processing, size, and type of wood from which it is made. This is the easiest surface to start your creative journey.