bundle 30 fine tip + 30 grey small rocks
fine point fiber tip
30 colors palette
perfect diy painting stone for any occasions

30 Fine Tip Acrylic Paint Pens + 30 Grey Small Rocks (only US)

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supplies for rock painting

THIS BEGINNER ROCK PAINTER BUNDLE INCLUDES our newest 30 Acrylic marker set of rock paint pens with a larger palette of colors and a set of Gray small rocks for rock painting projects.

GRAY SMALL ROCKS FOR STONE PAINTING - a stone painting kit of 30 prepared stones for your masterpieces among rock artists. Lack of suitable stones at hand is no longer a problem!

30 FINE TIP ACRYLIC MARKER SET is the best selection of excellent supplies for rock painting. Benefit from this rich rainbow of colors: in addition to primary colors, here you will find neon and metallic colors, pastel and skin tones, basic and additional colors.

TRY OUR NEWEST BEGINNER ROCK PAINTER BUNDLE as a unique offer with a 10% savings on the included rock painting supplies.
■ COLORS INCLUDED: multicolor best pens for painting rocks




Ideal for drawing on rocks, wood, canvas, ceramics and etc.