bundle 30 fine tip+50 wood slices
30 colors palette
wood slice diameter - 3-4", width - 0.4"
50 pcs wood slices

30 Fine paint markers for wood + 50 Wood Slices (only US)

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50 Discs of wood & 30 markers for crafts

WE'VE CREATED THIS ESSENTIAL WOOD MASTER BUNDLE SPECIFICALLY for the wood burning and slice painting enthusiast. This set includes the most essential craft wood supplies for your masterpieces: 30 Fine Tip Acrylic Paint Pens и Wood Slice Set of 50 pieces.

30 FINE TIP ACRYLIC PAINT PENS - We've expanded our 15 markers with even more colors for your masterpieces. Be sure to try our improved version of wood paint supplies. This increased set now includes 3 primary, 3 secondary, 4 tertiary, 3 skin colors, 3 metallic, 3 neon, 3 additional, 5 pastel, basic black and white colors.

WOOD SLICE SET OF 50 PIECES - we have prepared the best wood supplies online for you. No need to waste time preparing suitable wood or finding wood shop supplies. Our set contains 50 pieces of the perfect wood for your work.

BY PURCHASING THE ESSENTIAL WOOD MASTER BUNDLE, YOU SAVE 10% on the total retail price of our wood supplies and acrylics. Don't miss this great offer from Artistro!
■ COLORS INCLUDED: multicolor wood paint pen




Ideal for drawing on rocks, wood, canvas, ceramics and etc.