Easy Cartoons Characters to Draw

35 Adorable cartoon characters to paint with Artistro

Dive into a magical fairytale world with our colorful collection of cartoon characters to paint. Hone your drawing skills with your favorite childhood cartoon painting ideas easy and fun!


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  • Easy cartoon characters to draw

  • American artist and animator Walt Disney has created and presented to the world wonderful cartoon characters such as the dog Pluto, Donald Duck and Goofy. Children, as well as adults, watch cartoons with great pleasure. However, most of us think for some reasons that painting cartoon characters is not easy, because of their active facial expressions, for example. Therefore, during your art session, it is necessary to follow certain rules. Try to make your eyes, eyebrows and lips expressive. It is important to convey the hero’s cheerful mood. Check out these 100+ easy things to draw for inspiration. Let’s draw your favorite cartoon characters step by step with Artistro!

    Here you will find cartoons that are easy to draw, just follow the step-by-step detailed and clear Artistro instructions. As a result, when you follow the recommendations on how to start kid cartoon characters drawing, you will be able to create cool wow-effect!

    Beautiful cartoon characters to draw step by step

    cartoon paintings

    Frozen cartoon painting

    Looking for some truly magical and stylish cartoon characters to draw and enjoy the fairytale story once again? Add a touch of magic to your life with Elsa the sorceress and our step by step cartoon painting.

    painting cartoon

    Snow White cartoon painting

    And this cartoon painting is suitable for both adults and young artists, in search of inspiration and famous cartoon characters to draw. We invite you again, as in childhood, to follow the fascinating story of Snow White and hone your skill in painting cartoon.

    drawing ideas cartoon

    Jasmine cartoon painting

    Our parade of Disney princesses continues with the rulers of the hot sands of Agrabah, presenting her own step-by-step cartoon painting. Try this hot cartoon painting to melt any icy heart. Watch Disney while creating more cartoon characters to draw!

    cute cartoon characters

    Ariel cartoon painting

    By the release of a new feature film, we offer to recall the classic Little Mermaid and practice cartoon painting together. Just follow our step by step guide and you will see how easy and fun it is to create amazing cartoon painting together!

    step by step cartoon paintings

    Rapunzel cartoon painting

    Go on an exciting and intricate adventure with our cartoon painting. The living princess Rapunzel certainly deserves one of the first places in the list of cartoon characters to draw. Uncover this fascinating story with Artistro and our educational cartoon painting!

    Original cartoon paintings

    cartoon characters to draw

    Frozen boot cartoon painting

    Dive into the magical world of a winter fairy tale with your favorite characters from the cartoon Frozen. Use these cartoon painting ideas to create an unforgettable fashionable design of cool boots with your own hands. This way your favorite heroes will always accompany you wherever you go!

    cartoon painting on t-shirt

    Kung fu Panda t-shirt cartoon painting

    Show the world a power hidden within you with these super stylish painting ideas, cartoon edition! Here's another brave hero who can teach you the martial arts and is worthy to take pride of place in your collection of ideas.

    cartoon painting on mobile case

    Tom and Jerry phone case cartoon painting

    There is no time to get bored and get stuck in one place, worrying about trifles. Try these cute, yet easy paintings of cartoon characters to organize an adorable hustle at home and have a lot of fun. And be sure to involve your younger sisters and brothers in this fun activity.

    cartoon painting on jeans

    Sponge Bob jeans cartoon painting

    What an adorable guy that Bob is! Both adults and children love and know him. No wonder he won the hearts of so many generations around the world. Now it's time for Bob to light up your life with bright rainbow colors. Stylish jeans with this print will create a real rainbow in your life, even on a gray rainy day.

    cartoon painting on face mask

    Homer Simpson face mask cartoon painting

    From now on, you can take care of your health and personal hygiene in a fun and creative manner! Create a colorful and useful accessory for your personal needs with Homer Smipson and our cartoon painting ideas in easy and fun way.

    cartoon painting on cup

    Super Mario mug cartoon painting

    Warm up not only with hot coffee, but also joyous childhood memories with Super Mario, the champion of 200 video games! Add a cozy atmosphere to family evenings with the best custom mug painting ideas in cartoon style.

    Funny cartoon characters to draw on stones

    Materials: Artistro acrylic paint pens and small stones.

    rock painting

    Avengers easy cartoon painting

    The Avengers are gathering again! To arrange a colorful and exciting stone group battle. Try these easy cartoon paintings on stone with your friends to find out once and for all who is the strongest avenger ever.

    rock cartoon paintings

    Sponge Bob stone cartoon painting

    Are you sure Sponge Bob has square pants? Here is a riddle for you, the answer to which you need to look for among the stones of various shapes. Feel free to experiment with Bob's new stone wardrobe, as well as his squadmates, Patrick Star, Eugene Krabs, Squidward Tentacles, and Sandy Cheeks.

    cartoon characters to draw on rocks

    Angry birds easy cartoon painting

    The furious starfall of the world's most famous star birds is in full swing - hurry up to take part in it. Play your favorite game with improved graphics and stunning realism, try stone Angry Birds in the real world. Here are some easy cartoon painting ideas for the first level!

    cartoon characters to draw

    Pockemon simple cartoon painting

    To avoid queuing up to catch another cute pokemon in a difficult location, according to Pokemon Go quest, why not create your own? Here are some awesome and easy cartoon painting ideas for creating your collection of the favorite anime monsters. And be sure to check out our painting on stones step by step guide later to create more pockenoms!

    rocks cartoon paintings

    Donald Duck simple cartoon painting

    This easy cartoon painting will surely bring you luck and financial independence, because who, if not Donald Duck, is the best specialist and advisor in banking operations. Try it yourself how this talisman works for good luck.

    painting cartoon

    Chip Potts easy cartoon painting

    It's time for a magical tea party and a kind Disney fairy tale. While drawing Beauty or the Beast can get a little challenging, even for a professional artist, it's never too late to start with smaller, simple cartoon painting of characters like cute Chip.

    easy cartoon on rocks

    Angry birds tic tac toe game cartoon painting

    These easy cartoon paintings will provide an opportunity to practice and hone both your ingenuity and your artistic skills. Create an addicting Angry birds tic tac toe game with colorful birds to show the world that Angry birds game is for true intellectuals!Discover 100+ new rock painting ideas with Artistro!

    cartoon ideas

    Pokemon cartoon painting

    Expand your collection of cool Pokémon with our new cartoon paintings! Looking for some cool bad cartoon characters to draw? We have already made a whole selection of rock painting and cartoon painting for you - just try it! 

    minion cartoon paintings

    Minions cartoon painting

    Looking for stylish cartoon characters to draw and practice rock painting? We have already assembled a real gang of minions: choose any cartoon painting as a reference or create them all to complete your collection of reckless cartoon ideas today! 

    mario cartoon paintings

    Super Mario cartoon painting

    Of all title cartoon characters to draw, the immortal Super Marios were one of the first to come to our minds. Just in time for the release of the long-awaited fantastic adaptation, we invite you to remember the classic look of your favorite characters in the form of these cartoon ideas. 

    Cute cartoon characters to draw

    Materials: Artistro acrylic paint pens and various surfaces.


    Luca easy cartoon painting

    Uncover both human and mythical nature of Luke, embodied in a stunning combination of acrylic and watercolor paint! Find out where the waterline is and where the real potential of paints unfolds, along with your favorite cartoon painting ideas and Artistro art supplies.

    Cruella d'Enfer cartoon painting

    Cruella d'Enfer cartoon painting

    We have prepared for you a simple and humane way to create an amazing Dalmatian fur coat against to Cruella's recipe. You will need: a set of colored markers, paper, some art magic, and one of our cartoon painting ideas. Note: None of the Dalmatian puppies were harmed during the drawing process.

    Wreck-it Ralph T-shirt cartoon painting

    Wreck-it Ralph T-shirt cartoon painting

    Use Ralph's signature relaxation and anger control recipe. When you feel the urge to break something, do not hold yourself back, but release your anger. We know how to do it safely: just use this cartoon painting idea as a relaxation technique.

    Sponge Bob cartoon painting

    Sponge Bob cartoon painting

    Eager to know what kind of dizzying adventure Bob went on this time? Don't waste time, draw your own fun adventure for Bob and his companions. We've already prepared some cartoon painting ideas and sketches for you to do so.

    Pitate wood cartoon painting

    Pitate wood cartoon painting

    As a child, who has not dreamed of becoming a pirate in order to conquer the endless expanses of the sea? Rich colored markers and our cartoon painting ideas will help you make that childhood dream come true today! Don't waste time, it's time to dive into childhood memories and enjoy the journey through the endless expanses of your imagination.

    Alice in Wonderland canvas cartoon painting

    Alice in Wonderland canvas cartoon painting

    Follow the white rabbit and the wise cat to find out how deep the rabbit hole is. And how deep are all the shades of the soft green palette. Uncover all the mysteries of Wonderland with childhood cartoon painting ideas and multi-purpose acrylic markers!

    Winnie-the-Pooh wood cartoon painting

    Winnie-the-Pooh wood cartoon painting

    Let's together honor the great geniuses who gave the whole world this wonderful fairy tale, and Vinnie's passion for honey. Create a series of themed slices perfect for setting up Vinnie's next dizzying adventures and our cartoon painting ideas!

    Puss in Boots cartoon painting

    Puss in Boots cartoon painting

    Make a new and certainly not the last wish with the public's favorite, Puss in Boots, in a new exciting format - a cartoon painting on a cup. Combine your favorite cartoon ideas with your favorite drink with Artistro and our hit parade of the favorite cartoon characters to draw! 

    Spirit Stallion cartoon painting

    Spirit Stallion cartoon painting

    Start a new cheerful morning with a cup of your favorite coffee and your favorite cartoon character to draw! Enjoy the start of a good day with good cartoons and cartoon painting. 

    Easy cartoon characters to draw

    Materials: Artistro acrylic paint pens and paper.

    Mickey Mouse pencil holder cartoon painting

    Mickey Mouse pencil holder cartoon painting

    How do you create a useful stationery accessory by combining the incredible charisma of a Disney character and materials at your fingertips? Create these cute pencil holders using our cartoon painting ideas easy and with pleasure!

    Pink panther cartoon painting

    Pink panther cartoon painting

    It's time for a truly convoluted detective story to train your children's inquisitive minds. Looking for interesting and cryptic cartoon painting ideas? Detective Pink Panther will offer you a fun and logical solution to this puzzle too!

    Pikachu cartoon painting

    Pikachu cartoon painting

    These lovely cartoon painting ideas are great for both kid's entertainment and Valentine's Day card. Start gathering your very own team of invincible Pokémon, led by cute Pikachu in Love!

    Homer Simpson cartoon painting

    Homer Simpson cartoon painting

    Do you miss the sparkling humor of the Simpsons at breakfast? Try some of our cartoon painting ideas to add a dash of spice and wit to your daily morning snack.

    Batman pencil holder cartoon painting

    Batman pencil holder cartoon painting

    Looking for cool Batman cartoon painting ideas? We have already prepared one for you! This is exactly the pencil holder you wanted and deserve! Feel like a real superhero with this stylish Bataccessory.

    Have you ever had a go at drawing a cartoon character before? It's a great way of practicing your drawing skills and express yourself! You can suggest and name your favorite cartoon character and we will create it. Choose a cartoon character, which you want to draw, from the list above and start creating!