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Make a Dream Board Come True with Artistro

Enough to put off until tomorrow what you can do today! Make your dreams come true by creating a vision board with Artistro!

We all strive to accept ourselves, understand ourselves, want to become better and want to get rid of negative thoughts and actions. The vision board will help you understand yourself, realize your desires and start changing something in your life. Literally, "visualization board" is a collection of images and notes on a board in a visible location. Every day you will look at it and remember your desires. In the previous article about 100 art therapy exercises we mentioned the vision board before, now let's talk about it in detail.

The main concept of the Vision Board is to create a vision of your ideal. Here you depict the life of your dreams, in which all your aspirations and daring are realized. Thus, you are attracting the power of visualization to help you fulfill your desires.

drawing vision board-vision board drawing-how to make a dream board To understand how to make a vision board in the right way, you need to use the wisdom of Feng Shui philosophy. Its essence is that the correct arrangement of color or elements (water, fire, earth, metal and wood) creates an optimal environment for the movement of qi energy through space, creating a flow of abundance, health, and income.

How to Create a Vision Board

To create a goal board, a sheet of paper must be divided into sectors, which in Taoist cosmology are called "eight trigrams" or "bagua". Each section correlates with important areas of our life and has its own energy field. If you have difficulties creating a sector drawing, check out our collection of easy things to draw.

  • The first sector is wealth. Material well-being, high income, business success. Place in this sector of DIY vision board desires related to money and real estate.
  • The second sector is fame and leadership. If you want to become a famous writer, artist, or become a company leader, draw those wishes in this section.
  • The third sector is love and marriage.Place wedding rings, hearts, wedding banquet, image of a couple in love to get family happiness.
drawing vision board-vision board drawing-how to make a dream board
  • The fourth sector is family and home. If you want to improve relationships with your parents, stick a photo in which you are happy together. In the same part of the visualization board, add the pets you dream about.
  • The fifth sector is health. The focus should be on your photograph and your wish for yourself: to become slimmer, more beautiful, get rid of anxiety or insomnia.
  • The sixth sector is for children and hobbies. If you dream of a child, paint yourself as a parent. Otherwise, depict here everything related to creativity and your hobbies.
  • The seventh sector is knowledge. Here visualize your desire to enter a prestigious university or get new classes.drawing vision board-vision board drawing-how to make a dream board
  • The eighth sector is a career. Place here your dream of job or starting your own business.
  • The ninth sector is travel. When creating a vision board, draw the places you want to visit in this area of ​​the board.

The Vision Board Starts with Making a Wish List

Start by making a list of 100 wishes, from small to global. From all the goals, select the most important ones and those that you want to realize in the next 1-3 years. It is not recommended to make a vision board for the long term. If you are planning a baby in 10 years, you should not add a picture of a baby to a board that is designed for 1-3 years.

drawing vision board-vision board drawing-how to make a dream board

Images on the visualization board can be in the form of pictures and motivating inscriptions. Form your dreams clearly, use specific numbers, not approximate ones. Don't use denial. For example, it is better to write “I speak to the audience easily” instead of “I am not afraid of public speaking” or “I will eat healthy food” instead of “I will not overeat”

Creating a vision board is a creative process for planning long and short term goals. The visualization board will help you catch the wave!

Draw your ideal life: the job you dreamed of, the beautiful house you want but can't afford to buy, draw a plan for a trip around the world with your beloved one. Unleash your imagination, make all your sincere dreams come true, and the universe will surely hear you.