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40+ Magic Painting Ideas for Christmas from Artistro

Make amazing handmade gifts and Christmas decor with Artistro paint pens.

Table of Contents:

  • Greeting Card 小hristmas painting ideas
  • Decorative 小hristmas painting ideas
  • Snow stone painting ideas for 小hristmas
  • Useful and simple Christmas painting ideas

  • The brightest, favorite and most anticipated holiday of the year is approaching. Children are awaiting Christmas eagerly, adults are drowning in the festival hype; everyone strives to do as much as possible to make Christmas perfect for the whole family.

    Dressing up the Christmas tree and decorating the house take a special place in the preparation ceremony for the main holiday of the year. Therefore, we decided to prepare for you this shortlist of the brightest and funniest 小hristmas painting projects from our archive.

    Greeting Card 小hristmas painting ideas

    Greetings from Santa Claus drawing-小hristmas painting ideas

    Greetings from Santa Claus drawing

    Do you hear this ringing of New Year's bells? This means that jingle all the way! Why don't you add some more of it to your home decor?

    Christmas Cornucopia drawing-小hristmas painting ideas

    Christmas Cornucopia drawing

    Have you already prepared presents for your family and friends? If all gift wraps and garlands do not fit in your hands, transfer them to 2D format using magic Christmas markers

    The holy night drawing-小hristmas painting ideas

    The holy night drawing

    Lovingly drawn with your own hands, this cute angel will bring warmth, comfort, and Christmas blessing to your home.

    The magic sock of wishes drawing-小hristmas painting ideas

    The magic sock of wishes drawing

    It's time to fill your Christmas sock with sweets, souvenirs and spruce branches. So grab the largest set of markers, shake them well, and present each family member a New Year's sock!

    Santa Claus-style mitten drawing-小hristmas painting ideas

    Santa Claus-style mitten drawing

    Tired of decorating your fireplace with Christmas gift socks filled with goodies every year? Create a handmade painted sock to everyone's surprise!

    postcard christmas-小hristmas painting ideas

    New Year name badge drawing

    Handmade postcards are a universal choice for those who want both to decorate the house in an original way and congratulate friends with a greeting card.

    Christmas wreath of wishes drawing-小hristmas painting ideas

    Christmas wreath of wishes drawing

    You can't go wrong with these easy lettering cards when looking for simple 小hristmas painting ideas for beginners. Watch how these light yet charming ornaments transform a white sheet of paper into the artwork!

    Magic Christmas post card-小hristmas painting ideas

    Magic Christmas post card drawing

    This iconic greeting card no doubt wins first place in the title for the most coveted New Year's card. Give your relatives and loved ones a real holiday by bringing the Christmas tree spirit to their homes!聽

    December festival lettering-小hristmas painting ideas

    December festival lettering drawing

    This 小hristmas painting idea can be not only a New Year's greeting card, but also a business card for December. It's also a great and fun way to hone your calligraphy skill with interest.聽

    New Year watercolor sketches-小hristmas painting ideas

    New Year watercolor sketches paintings

    Create unique watercolor greeting cards with your own hands! 小hristmas painting ideas we offer here are suitable even for those who have not mastered watercolor techniques. These are very simple and cute sketches from the bottom of my heart.聽

    Fairytale pop up gift card-小hristmas painting ideas

    Fairytale pop up gift card

    Another one of simple yet great 小hristmas painting ideas that your kids will love for sure: the magical pop-up card! Make a truly original Christmas greeting card for your loved ones by combining a greeting card and a magic wrap.聽

    Festival Riddle Card-小hristmas painting ideas

    Festival riddle card

    If your child enjoys charades and riddles, then you definitely need to bring this fun 小hristmas painting ideas to life. You can play and prepare such an unusual homemade greeting card at the same time!聽

    Decorative 小hristmas painting ideas

    Magic holiday giftboxes-小hristmas painting ideas

    Magic holiday giftboxes

    Send these cute, hand-made messages with wishes of goodness and happiness to the whole world, putting a piece of yourself in each of them!

    Snow-covered Christmas bubbles-小hristmas painting ideas

    Snow-covered Christmas bubbles

    There are never too many Christmas decorations! Even if you don't plan on buying a Christmas tree this year, these wonderful painted tree balls will fill your home with sparkle and a festive atmosphere.

    Christmas etude in gold-小hristmas painting ideas

    Christmas etude in gold

    What painting ideas for Christmas ornaments could be more perfect than drawing Christmas tree balls with snowflakes and festival lettering? Only a set of these customized decorations!

    New Year reindeer team-小hristmas painting ideas

    New Year reindeer team

    What is a mandatory attribute of the New Year, besides the Christmas tree? Champagne, of course. Use one of our Christmas painting ideas to turn your ordinary cork into a holiday decor!

    Farewell 2021 wood-小hristmas painting ideas

    Farewell 2021 wood slice painting

    Have you already prepared for the New Year? Hurry up to honor the symbol of the coming year, the Cow, with the help of painted wood slices, and then luck will accompany you all year long!

    The spirit of Christmas wood-小hristmas painting ideas

    The spirit of Christmas wood slice painting

    Still waiting for the Christmas miracle? Why not make it yourself using these simple, easy 小hristmas painting ideas? Add a drop of magic to the holiday atmosphere with these cute DIY Christmas tree decorations!

    Christmas snowflakes -小hristmas painting ideas

    Christmas snowflakes

    These cute stars in the shape of beautiful snowflakes will be wonderful decorations for any place in the house and will help freshen up your festival atmosphere. Add motivating and heartfelt lettering to these easy and simple 小hristmas paintings to warm the hearts of your loved ones on the holidays.

    Winter landscape miniature-小hristmas painting ideas

    Winter landscape miniature

    Create a unique combo craft by combining several original Christmas painting ideas. Stone chibi birds are perfect for a small winter landscape on a wood slice.聽

    Christmas chibi birds-小hristmas painting ideas

    Christmas chibi birds

    Some more interesting Christmas painting ideas for those looking to practice painting on different types of surfaces. These wonderful and cute birds will perfectly complement the New Year's interior and decorate your Christmas tree. 聽

    Handmade Christmas tree toy-小hristmas painting ideas

    Handmade Christmas tree toy

    Homemade Christmas tree decorations are not only interesting options for the New Year tree, but also an opportunity to show your imagination and create vivid memories for many years. Such Christmas painting ideas do not require a lot of your time or money; you can create unique toys from scrap materials.聽

    Cute deer paper mask-小hristmas painting ideas

    Cute deer paper mask

    And this Christmas painting ideas will definitely appeal to little enthusiasts and their mothers. Get your child involved in a fun craft activity. Thus, you will create a unique carnival costume for a matinee at school with your own hands!聽

    Snow stone painting ideas for 小hristmas

    Christmas decorations-小hristmas painting ideas

    Christmas decorations stone painting

    Christmas is the most grace and spiritual holiday of the year. Honor this blessed day with your kindness. Embody these painting ideas for Christmas into Kindness rocks!

    Winter birds-小hristmas painting ideas

    Winter birds stone painting

    Did you miss the bird song during the winter time? Invite feathered singers to your house on Christmas Eve by painting these bright feathered stones!

    Christmas cupcakes-小hristmas painting ideas

    Christmas cupcakes stone painting

    Add originality and kindness to the festival atmosphere by creating a collection of cute painting Christmas ornaments.

    Fluffy garland-小hristmas painting ideas

    Fluffy garland stone painting

    What is 邪 New Year without festive lights and an elegant garland? If you don't have one, don't worry. A rock painting ambulance carrying this bright DIY Christmas painting led garland for you is on its way!

    Animal carnival-小hristmas painting ideas

    Animal carnival stone painting

    It doesn't matter what year comes according to the Chinese calendar. According to the cat opinion poll, each year is considered to be the year of the cat. What makes this cat Christmas painting projects a great decoration regardless of the year!

    Christmas party-小hristmas painting ideas

    Christmas party stone painting

    If you have trouble decorating the Christmas tree, these funny minon team and our special rock painting kit and in a hurry to help. Use our holiday kit to decorate your Christmas tree in a stunning rock art style!

    Trio of snowmen-小hristmas painting ideas

    Trio of snowmen stone painting

    Even if the weather outside is unsuitable and there is no snow at all to play snowballs, with these Christmas painting ideas you can always make a snowman. And you don't have to worry about the weather or your creation melting.聽

    Gingerbread house-小hristmas painting ideas

    Gingerbread house stone painting

    Be sure to try one of our sweet Christmas painting ideas! This unusual gingerbread house is sure to please those with a sweet tooth and fans of classic gingerbread cookies.聽

    Christmas patterns-小hristmas painting ideas

    Christmas patterns stone painting

    Even if you haven't bought a live Christmas tree, you can always dress up a small Christmas tree according to our simple recipe. Use these Christmas painting ideas to create a miniature Christmas tree and colorful decorations for it!聽

    Waiting for the holy night-小hristmas painting ideas

    Waiting for the holy night stone painting

    Here are a few more cute and simple Christmas painting ideas for your festival collection of original decorations. While waiting for the holy night, generate more patience and these wonderful painting!聽

    Useful and simple Christmas painting ideas

    Christmas cacao party-小hristmas painting ideas

    Christmas cacao party mug design

    And for all those with a sweet tooth, both cocoa lovers and coffee lovers, the best New Year's gift will be a painted DIY mug in addition to a large box of sweets.

    Warm holiday hugs-小hristmas painting ideas

    Warm holiday hugs mug design

    Warm up your loved ones with a hot cup of tea and knitted mittens! These cute Christmas paintings for beginners made on a plain mug will warm your hearts.

    Winter mood pillow case-小hristmas painting ideas

    Winter mood pillow case design

    Add a touch of coziness to your family gatherings by the fireplace on Christmas Eve by decorating the living room with this cute handmade pillow with a unique painting.

    New year cocktail wine glass design-小hristmas painting ideas

    New year cocktail wine glass design

    When the clock strikes 12 sharp, raise your glass of champagne. Decorate your glasses in a Christmas style with these awesome Christmas painting ideas!

    Cup of Christmas mood-小hristmas painting ideas

    A Cup of Christmas mood mug design

    What is the best way to cheer you up and warm you on a dull snowy day? A cup of hot chocolate or cocoa, of course. Especially if this is your favorite mug, personalized with this cheering and simple 小hristmas painting!

    Splashes of confetti-小hristmas painting ideas

    Splashes of confetti wine glass design

    Enjoy colorful sparkling splashes of champagne without ruining your clothes or vivid festival decorations. Try these easy 小hristmas painting ideas combined with colorful acrylic markers to spice up your New Year party!聽

    Christmas CPU Loading-小hristmas painting ideas

    Christmas CPU Loading mug design

    Eager for Christmas spirit? Can't wait for the magical moment of unpacking your gifts? Then let's wait together for the completed loading of Christmas Festival Process! A personalized indicator mug from Artistro will help you with this!聽

    Christmas has its own special magic; it is the brightest and most blessed day of the year. The day when the whole family, relatives, and friends get together; it is a rare opportunity and a rare gift to be treasured. To give your loved ones a truly valuable gift, please them with a hand-made project or diy 小hristmas painting. After all, not a single gift, even the most expensive one, can be compared to a small souvenir that you make with your own
    hands, putting a piece of your soul into it.

    What other original 小hristmas painting ideas would you suggest to our readers?