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The Best Phone Case Painting Ideas: 3 Unique Designs from Artistro | Artistro

Can't live a day without your iPhone? Do friends and family often reproach you for being stuck on your phone even at the dinner table? Before going to bed, are you used to kissing your iPhone case before kissing your own spouse?

If you answered "yes" to any of the above questions, then you may be a real gadget addict and this article is just for you! We are happy to share our creative phone case design ideas and offer you some original thoughts on how to upgrade your beloved smartphone.

The best Artistro DIY phone case tutorials

There are many interesting things to paint on a phone case. We have selected 3 of the most original ideas from our craft archives for you.

Making geometry phone case 

How to make a geometric design

You will need:

  • a plastic phone case
  • a sponge (for mixing paints)
  • white and black acrylic paint (to create a gradient)
  • a ruler (for making perfect lines)
  • a set of colored markers

How to paint the phone case:

  1. Clean the case with rubbing alcohol before starting.
  2. Apply white paint with a sponge to half of the
  3. Mix some of the white paint with black paint to create a gradient effect.

IMPORTANT:Let the previous coat dry completely before applying the next coat. This may take a few hours.

  1. Apply the mixed paint with a sponge to the other half of the phone case.
  2. Decorate the whole phone case with geometric Let it dry after making each line.

IMPORTANT:Remember to shake the markers before each use to mix the ink inside.

  1. Your new painted phone case will be ready as soon as it's completely dry!

 Creative phone case drawing waffle

How to make a Belgian waffle phone case

You will need:

  • a transparent silicone phone case
  • a set of markers
  • white acrylic paint
  • a paint brush
  • a pencil
  • a template (optional if you are unsure of your freehand drawing skills)

How to paint the phone case:

  1. Clean the phone case with rubbing alcohol.
  2. Draw the whipped cream topping with a pencil.
  3. Make a square "marking" of the waffle with a pencil (if necessary).
  4. Draw the contours of the "marking" of the wafers with colored markers.
  5. Add darker colors to create the shadows.
  6. Draw berries with a marker.
  7. Paint in the whipped cream.
  8. Let the painting dry.

 Batman phone case painting

How to make a Batman phone case

You will need:

  • a leather phone case
  • a ready-made template on paper
    • The drawing can be downloaded from the Internet and printed on paper. You can also draw a template for the phone case on your own.
  • scissors
  • a pencil
  • 2 colored markers

 How to paint the phone case:

  1. Prepare the template in advance and cut it out with scissors.
  2. Clean the case with before starting.
  3. Attach the finished template to the phone case.
  4. Outline the template with a marker.
  5. Paint over the necessary patterns.
  6. Let the cover dry.

Find more ideas in our YouTube channel

 Space phone case painting idea

Creating custom DIY painted phone cases has several highlights and advantages:

  • Phone case painting is an inexpensive and fun way to decorate your smartphone. It is much cheaper than buying a ready-made phone case.
  • The process of painting is fun and creative! You are making a completely new unique accessory with your own hands.
  • The acrylic and oil base of Artistro markers is permanent, so the drawing will remain bright and fresh forever! (If necessary, the drawing can be sealed with varnish so that it will be protected from any damage like that from pocket friction.)
  • It is not necessary to buy a lot of art supplies (like different types of paints, brushes, fixers, or paint remover) — one set of markers is enough to complete any picture.
  • If you are tired of your current drawing, you can easily replace it by purchasing another blank phone case and making a new piece of art.

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