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21 DIY Home Decor Ideas with the Artistro Markers | Artistro

Are you looking for unique DIY crafts? It is time to say goodbye to boring things from the store! With the Artistro markers, you can easily turn them into masterpieces!

fabric painting

DIY home decor will quickly turn an ordinary interior into a place where you want to come back again and again! It will also add a very elegant look to your sweet home!

home decor
You can’t imagine how many possibilities are offered by the most common permanent marker. It is affordable, interesting and diverse. In fact, you can transform anything, just look around: what do you want to change first in your surroundings? Does the old bookshelf require updating for a long time? Does the old white mug really express you now? Is a boring T-Shirt lying in an armchair? The lampshades on a lamp purchased a year ago have long been waiting in line to become something more than ordinary glass shades? Creative projects with the Artistro markers are a great chance to decorate life in the colors of joy and smile, do not neglect it!

Using your imagination and paint pen you can easily create DIY home decorating crafts. 

home decor

If you have already begun to look for excuses that such DIY crafts for home decor need a lot of time and beginners cannot do it, then right now we are ready to dispel such thoughts! Well, the question of time will have to be decided independently. And we will help with resources: we will show you 21 cool ideas that can be implemented thanks to the Artistro marker.

fabric bag

Add Personality to Your Home! It should be the main idea of your adventure with a home decorating! It might sound a little crazy, but we’re here to tell you that lots of DIY paintings and abstract artwork isn’t as hard to make as you think. Actually, many of the projects we’re sharing here can be made in a weekend, an afternoon or even an hour! So, let’s do it!

The devil is hiding in the details, do you agree?Taking the time to understand the basic principles of decorating, from choosing the right furniture to finding the perfect color palette, will get you one step closer to crafting the home you’ve always wanted.

glass dracula

Here, we share decorating pointers from the Artistro archives and useful tips from top interior decorations, which will help you to feel like a pro designer. 

An ordinary permanent marker in skillful hands becomes a real magic wand. Fulfills any creative desires. And this creative project is an excellent proof of this. Using a marker, you can:

Decorate  mugs with any idea 

Do you like cups to be individual, to reflect your essence and show your mood? Easy! Pick up permanent markers and turn ordinary circles into your personal masterpieces, give them pictures and cool inscriptions, decorate them with simple images and pictograms, puzzles and proverbs. This is a huge field for creativity - try and experiment!

 mug avocado

New sneakers 

Do you want to adequately prepare for the upcoming summer season? Pick up boring white sneakers, a couple of markers - and start creating. You can play with color, shape, pattern, you can experiment with inscriptions and textures, you can just turn everything into a rainbow or zebra, poppy field or a bouquet of forget-me-nots - anything, just to make your idea seem most wonderful to you!

 Sneakers with butterfly

New plates

Decorating dishes with permanent markers is always a great idea for those who hate boredom and monotony. It’s convenient, by the way: you buy ordinary plain dishes, enjoy it until you get bored, and after a while, you pick up permanent markers and turn the old into new, bored - into interesting, boring - into the original. Easy and affordable! Please note that markers have not been sent to FDA for this request. We do not recommend using markers in contact with food.

plate create

Create unique phone case

phone case

Rock painting art

Even ordinary sea stones can be turned into a work of art with a simple marker.

rock animals

Creative keychain

Make a keychain with your children and they will never lose their keys.

for keys

Decorate a present with Artistro

present craft


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