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How to Get Inspired

Inspiration is an intermittent thing that can run out of supplies, instantly leave and come, and appear where you do not expect it at all. Most creative people experience a crisis in their direction and don’t know what to create, and past sources of inspiration have long ceased to give the desired effect. All people sometimes have moments in life when there is no inspiration. 

10 Ways How to Find Inspiration  

  1. Enjoy works of the other artists

Looking for inspiration in the work of other masters and also paying attention to the details, color schemes, compositions.

  1. Watch interviews with artists. 

As a rule, these are very inspiring stories and often artists share their tips, which simplify their work.

  1. Watch videos with the painting process by other artists.

It is also a very useful inspirational activity that makes you immediately want to go and apply the new in practice.

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a girl on a canvas

  1. Limit in art framework 

You can independently limit yourself and set yourself the framework in which you need to generate an idea.

  1. Participate in contests and art challenges

If the problem of inspiration lies in the absence of ideas, then contests and challenges will come to the rescue. Since there are specific tasks, it will be easier to generate ideas in a limited area. Do you agree? 

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  1. Visit beautiful places, travel, visit museums and theaters, and so on.

Inspiration ends when the brain begins to move in a circle. To break this circle, constantly look for new experiences and sensations.

  1. Make an inspiration board

Take a piece of paper, notepad or create a file in which all your favorite pictures, photos, quotes will be collected. Write your dreams, wishes or ideas – keep things that inspire together.

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pinterest board

  1. Create a morning ritual

Perhaps you have a certain sequence of actions that pushes your creativity? Is it a cup of coffee, a morning walk or work in a cafe?

  1. Don’t be a perfectionist

Anyone who wants to create something great, often does not create anything at all. Anyone who just does a good job every day has a chance one day to create something special.

  1. Record or draw your thoughts and experiences. 

Ideas do not go on schedule during office hours from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. The only way to fix their existence is to always take a notebook or smartphone for creating quick notes with you everywhere.

These points are quite simple, but they are very inspiring and help you switch at the right time! Stay on the wave of creativity throughout the year with Artistro!

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