30 Amazing Anime Drawing Ideas to Celebrate Comic-con

30 Amazing Anime Drawing Ideas to Celebrate Comic-Con

Exciting anime drawing ideas, iconic heroes, and original themed artwork for real anime fans await you in our unique collection of popular anime art!

Table of Contents:

  • Classic shounen anime ideas to draw
  • Kawaii anime drawing ideas
  • Sentai of Tough guys anime drawing ideas
  • Magic manga drawing ideas from Studio Ghibli
  • Original author's anime drawing ideas

  • Classic shounen anime ideas to draw

    Berserk Guts anime drawing ideas

    1. Guts by JulieNanasi

    32 years later, the Black Swordsman, as before, rushes into battle, conquering new states and the hearts of new fans with his sword. Despite the relaunch, the author remains faithful to the classic portrayal of Guts from the 1997 anime adaptation.

     Alucard from Hellsing Ultimate anime drawing ideas

    2. Alucard by JulieNanasi

    Of all the portraits of Dracula that have ever appeared in world culture, the dark image of Alucard from Hellsing Ultimate is one of the most iconic not only among anime titles, which is not surprising. This is the perfect anime art choice, not only for anime enthusiasts, but also for fans of mystical secrets and spectacular action scenes.

    Katsuragi Misato Evangelion anime drawing ideas

    3. Katsuragi Misato by JulieNanasi

    In anticipation of the release of 4.44 reboot film of the famous franchise from the genius Anno, let's recall the classic Evangelion anime that turned the worldview of millions. JulieNanasi invites all fans to celebrate Misato-san's resurrection with this warm piece of art.

    Seras Victoria from Hellsing Ultimate anime drawing ideas

    4. Seras Victoria by JulieNanasi

    As Alucard personifies the figure of Prince Dracula, so Seras is an echo of Lucy's prototype in anime setting. Unravel the mystery of vampire immortality and Her Royal England Legions of Legitimate Supernatural and Immortal Night Guard with a badass cop!

    Xia Yu twins from Full Metal Panic anime drawing ideas

    5. Xia Yu twins by JulieNanasi

    JulieNanasi reminds us that sometimes cameo characters can be so bright that they can outshine even the main character with their fleeting appearances. Two sisters, Xia Yu Fan and Xia Yu Lan, from Full Metal Panic anime are exactly this case.

    Yuki Eiri Gravitation anime drawing ideas

     6. Yuki Eiri by JulieNanasi

    Deprived of the rich colors inherent in anime, this simplified drawing may serve as one of the first manga drawing ideas. The second one will definitely be Shuichi.

    Satella Harvenheit Chrono Crusade anime drawing ideas

    7. Satella Harvenheit by JulieNanasi

    Magical artifacts, church conspiracies, incredible adventures await you. Start your anime crusade with Stella and JulieNanasi's inspiring art!

    Death Note anime drawing ideas

    8. Death Note by Lainah Kai

    The creation of a death note requires special shinigami jewelry work, just as the creation of this art requires an unrivaled skill of the artist.To uncover the secret of Death Note, as well as the magic of creating this incredible anime art, be sure to visit the author's profile @lainahs.art!

    Kawaii anime drawing ideas

    Sailor Neptune anime drawing ideas

    9. Sailor Neptune by Lainah Kai

    Michiru's cuteness can only be matched by the boldness of Sailor Neptune or the incredible talent of the artist. Immerse yourself in warm childhood memories with the sailor warriors and Lainah Kai!

    Sailor Moon anime drawing ideas

    10. Usagi Tsukino by Mandie Pandie

    In terms of kawaii, only Chibi Moon can compete with Usagi Tsukino. And they can be judged only by Toksedo Kamen or, as in this case, Mandie Pandie, the author of this art. In your quest for the power of the Moon, be sure to visit the author's account @mandiie.pandiie!

    Nezuko Kamado Deamon slayer anime drawing ideas

    11. Nezuko Kamado by Yun Wei

    Back in 2001, Capcom proved the unlikely: that a Devil may cry. Today Nezuko Kamado and Yun Wei decided to prove the almost impossible: that a demon can be cute. Still don't believe it? Then visit @kingbarbz96_art account to see for yourself.

    Pikachu pokemon anime drawing ideas

    12. Pikachu by ArtistroTeam

    In the game Pokémon Go, has it become too problematic to collect Pokémon located in a protected private area? ArtistroTeam has come up with a great alternative - collecting drawn Pikachu hearts! *No doberman was injured in the process - editorial note.

    pokemon team anime drawing ideas

    13. Pokemons by ArtistroTeam

    ArtistroTeam is pleased to offer these kawaii and easy anime pictures to draw on stones. Continue the wonderful tradition of introducing kids to anime with fun rock painting activities!

    Star Wars Vader anime drawing ideas

    14. Lord Vader by ArtistroTeam

    Looking for a really original and cute anime ideas to draw? How about Vader anime art? Even the Sith Lord can be turned into a kawaii icon by the true otaku artist!

    Sentai of Tough guys anime drawing ideas

    Levi Akkerman Attak on titans anime drawing ideas

    15. Levi Akkerman by Lainah Kai

    Not surprisingly, Humanity's Strongest Soldier leads our Sentai of Tough Guys, just as he tops the list of popular Attack on Titans characters. Not sure how to strike a cool pose for a portrait? Ask Levy! Wondering how to draw tough guys in the coolest way? Ask Lainah Kai for advice!For more awesome artworks of Levi and other Attack on Titan characters, view the author's Instagram profile @lainahs.art!

    Monkey D. Luffy One piece anime drawing ideas

    16. Monkey D. Luffy by Marian Buan

    What's the best gift for Monkey D. Luffy other than one more martial art technique? What could be the best gift for a seinen fan other than the awesome art of cool Luffy? Originally created by Marian Buan as a present for her brother, this stylish art piece is the perfect gift for all One Piece fans. The thrilling adventure of Eiichiro Oda is still ongoing, so stay tuned to @marian_reb  channel to see more!

    Rengoku Deamon slayer anime drawing ideas

    17. Rengoku by Alondra Jimenez

    As soon as the world received the long-awaited sequel to the Demon Slayer series in the movie format, the sentai of the powerful fighters was replenished with another hero. Solve the mystery of the mystical train with Rengoku by Alondra Jimenez. Today the Mugen train departs from the @alondraw.s Instagram account. Be sure not to be late!

    Shin Natsume Tenjou Tenge: Ultimate Fight anime drawing ideas

     18. Shin Natsume by JulieNanasi

    Behold the true power of the head of the Natsume family and the power of Ryugan, the Dragon's Eye. Uncover Shin's secert techniques and mysterious plot intricacies of Tenjho Tenge setting with JulieNanasi!

    The Berserk Guts in blood anime drawing ideas

    19. The Berserk by JulieNanasi

    The team of tough guys would be incomplete without Gust, regardless of the year he was released. After the relaunch of the anime, many inspired artists returned to Berserker title, so our collection has been replenished with another cool art of such an iconic anime character.

    Naruto Uzumaki anime drawing ideas

    20. Naruto Uzumaki by Nuzla Nazeerdeen

     A birthday cake would not be complete without candles - everyone knows that. But Nuzla Nazeerdeen discovered that without a souvenir with Naruto's logo, it would be less delicious. Learn all the secret ninja techniques with Naruto Uzumaki and find more delicious souvenirs on @onceuponacake account!

    Kaeya Alberich Genshin Impact anime drawing ideas

    21. Kaeya Alberich by Kate Ivanova

    It's time to find out once and for all who is the strongest character in Genshin Impact universe. Kate is sure that no one can compare in strength and charisma with officer Kaeya! You can support the author and agree on a friendly gaming tournament by visiting @katerinaivanova28 account.

    Celestia Ludenberg Dangan Ronpa: Academy of Hope and High School Students of Despair anime drawing ideas

    22. Celestia Ludenberg by Kate Ivanova

    Uncover the secret of Celestia's true identity with Kate. This eccentric and gambling girl in the style of gothic lolita is not as simple as it seems at first glance. And no matter what happens, never agree to play poker with her, since she is the Ultimate Gambler!

    Magic manga drawing ideas from Studio Ghibli

    God of the Swift Amber River of Studio Ghibli Haku of Spirited Away anime drawing ideas

    23. God of the Swift Amber River by ArtistroTeam

    Thanks to the efforts of a talented artist, today the God of the Swift Amber River becomes the God of the Amber Chrysanthemums and Stylish Denim Jackets! Do you want to tame Haku the same way? Ask ArtistroTeam how!

    Ghibli studio anime drawing ideas

    24. Ghibli studio by Devin Stark

    No matter how many years have passed and how many generations have changed, Miyazaki's works remain popular. Today, children continue to be raised on Ghibli studio classics, which Devin Stark honored with this stunning wood painting. To enjoy every detail of this mesmerizing design, be sure to visit  @devinstarkfinearts profile.

    Haku from Spirited Away anime drawing ideas

    25. Haku by Marlene Walcher

    The author invites you on a magical journey through the classics of Miyazaki-san again. Immerse yourself in the unforgettable atmosphere of children's fairy tales and enchanting Eastern folklore with Haku and other characters from Spirited Away!

    Kiki's delivery service anime drawing ideas

    26. Kiki's delivery service by Marlene Walcher

    Add some magic to a standard weekday with this magical artwork by Marlene! Warm childhood memories and lots of fun await you. Be sure to visit @jellyfish.tattoo.art to check out what magical delivery awaits you today!

    Original author's anime drawing ideas

    chibi sycer android anime drawing ideas

    27. Ginger: Become human by @Silva_Owl

    Just imagine for a second that Connor was a girl. In that case, his name would be Ginger, models GRX-5, and his creator would not be Elijah Kamski from CyberLife, but @Silva_Owl. Hurry up to check out the new android models on her Instagram account!

    Kawaii chibi girls anime drawing ideas

    28. Magic wooden hearts by @Bunny_Boops

    Looking for some really vibrant yet and easy anime drawings to inspire you? How about these adorable crafts by @Bunny_Boops? These captivating wooden hearts, decorated with original characters in the style of your favorite maho-shojo, will not leave anyone indifferent!

    What other drawing ideas would you like to add to our collection?