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Celebrating Dracula's day | Artistro

Have you seen the most gorgeous Bram Stoker’s drama “Dracula”? Do you know that it was based on a real historical figure? Romanian Prince Vlad III was the real person who inspired Stoker to create beautiful gothic novel. The prince was extremely cruel and everybody called him “Vlad the Impaler” for inhumane tortures of his opponents. Bram Stoker connected the hero and vampirism around the 1890s. Since then the vampire theme has become extremely famous.

You can set up a gothic style party where everyone is dressed in black and red and drink "bloody" beverages and watch movies about vampires. 

Artistro paint pens  are ready to be your assistants at the time of the creation of a masterpiece devoted to Dracula. Thanks to them, you are able to generate any vampire ideas like drawing of passionate red lips with white fangs.

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