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Dracula painting tutorial

World Dracula day is a chance to join Stoker's timeless classics and host a noisy themed party with painted vampire kisses and bloody cocktails!

Mysterious vampire Dracula painting tutorial for Dracula day

Have you seen the most gorgeous Bram Stoker’s drama “Dracula”? Do you know that it was based on a real historical figure? Romanian Prince Vlad III was the real person who inspired Stoker to create beautiful gothic novel. The prince was extremely cruel and everybody called him “Vlad the Impaler” for inhumane tortures of his opponents. Bram Stoker connected the hero and vampirism around the 1890s. Since then the vampire theme has become extremely famous. 

How to draw Dracula step by step

dracula painting- dracula drawing

1. Before starting Dracula painting, you need to create a beautiful background in the form of a bloody sunset. First fill the background with red watercolor paint.

dracula painting - dracula drawing easy

2. Add orange-tinted watercolor to the fill. Work quickly to keep the paint from drying out until you finish pouring.

how to draw dracula-dracula painting

3. Make a smooth transition with yellow watercolor. This will create an attractive gradient of red, orange, and yellow paint for your Dracula drawing easy.

simple vampire drawing -vampire drawing easy

4. Now we turn directly to drawing the vampire lord. Start Dracula drawing with the outline of the prince's head and do not forget to add hair fluttering in the wind.

count dracula drawing-how to draw dracula easy

5. Now add the shoulders and upper torso of the vampire. This is how you can learn how to draw Dracula easy. Use a black marker to make Dracula's figure even more sinister and mysterious.

dracula kiss-passionate kiss drawing

6. Make sure how to make vampire drawing easy: just add two lines below the vampire's waist with a marker to form the dome of the lord's fluttering cloak.

dracula painting-dracula drawing step by step

7. Continue to work with a marker, adding new details to the count Dracula drawing: completely tint the cloak of the vampire lord and draw the legs of the count.

kiss drawing tutorial-simple vampire drawing

8. Now proceed with the final elements of this simple vampire drawing. Draw the outline of Dracula's left hand and tint it with a black marker. 

dracula painting step by step - dracula drawing easy

9. Just as you did before, repeat step № 8 of the vampire drawing easy . But this time draw the count 's second hand. 

dracula painting-how to draw dracula easy

10. This will bring you to the final stage of Dracula drawing. For a gothic vibe, draw the twisting veins of the tamed vampire's lightning, like a passionate Dracula's kiss, with a red marker. 

dracula painting-dracula drawing tutorial

11. Trace the lightning with a yellow marker to give it more volume. 

dracula painting guide-dracula drawing tutorial

12. Use a white marker to create a lightning flash on the background. Just as in step 11, completely trace the movement of the electrical charges over the previous layer with a white marker. 

dracula painting easy-dracula drawing tutorial

13. The final touches that need to be done to complete Dracula painting is to add contour lines to the figure of the vampire lord. Use a red marker to highlight key elements of his look against the black tint. 

dracula painting-dracula drawing Castlevania

14. Now that Dracula painting is complete, enjoy the gothic atmosphere and the passionate kiss of the vampire lord. 

Vampire kiss drawing tutorial

We recommend organizing a gothic-style party where everyone will be dressed in black and red, as if descended from vampire drawings. And as drinks you can serve "bloody" cocktails to guests, arrange a movie marathon of Gothic films, hold a quiz about vampires. In addition, you can decorate the house with crafts of your own production: a portrait of Dracula, vampire paraphernalia and more. Below we offer you another interesting vampire-themed idea: a passionate kiss drawing with a touch of blood and gothic.

Dracula kiss-kiss drawing tutorial