DIY Butter Dish Painting Tutorial

Flower DIY Butter Dish Painting Tutorial

Do you like to decorate butter dishes and come up with your own recipes? Add a touch of originality to your table setting by painting butter dish!

For all cooking enthusiasts, professional housewives and those who simply love to enjoy a hearty meal, we have prepared this master class on painting a butter dish. Want to add some magic to your daily breakfast? We know the recipe! Why not use our sunflower butter dish ideas? Just follow our easy step by step instructions.

Ingredients you will need:

Painting a Butter Dish Step by Step:

❗Prepare all supplies and clean a butter dish with rubbing alcohol. Start working only after the surface is completely dry.

1) First, draw the base of the sunflower inflorescence with an orange marker.

 surface for painting

2) Then add the sunflower petals with a yellow marker.

 diy butter dish

3) Using a black marker, outline the contours of the petals, inflorescences and divide the inflorescence into sectors. This will add dimension to the image.

 painting process

4) Add a second row of petals with a white marker to make the flower more lush.

 flower decor

5) Draw a third row of wider petals with a red marker to add contrast to the pattern.

butter dish ideas

6) To complete your painted butter dish, draw green leaves in the final stage of the work. Use a black marker to add the veins of the leaves, and with a green marker add dots along the bottom row of the leaves for decoration purpose.

painted butter dish

A Few Additional Tips Painting a Butter Dish:

  • Try to use different colors to create a unique palette. You can choose your own color scheme, then the painting will be even more original.
  • Choose markers of those colors that are most distant from each other along Itten's color wheel. Such a color scheme will add more contrast to the picture, which means that the design itself will look much brighter and more attractive.
  • Use a black marker or other distinctive colored marker to trace elements of the drawing. Thus, the drawing will receive more visual volume and highlight important design elements.
  • Feel free to experiment with additional decorations: add colorful dots along the edge of leaves and petals, paint small wildflowers or serpentine in the empty space of the dish.

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