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Advice on How to Cure Art Burnout

In this article we will tell you how to recognize and prevent the art burnout, and what to do if you loss of creativity.

Reasons of Artist Burnout

Most of us believe that burnout is about someone else. We habitually associate this term with a career or creativity, but burnout can occur in family life, and even in motherhood. How to recognize creative burnout? And how to deal with it? Let's find the answers to these questions together in this article and start first of all with considering the causes of the creative crisis.

Personal problems

As a rule, dissatisfaction, disappointment and uncertainty due to personal experiences have a detrimental effect on the implementation of any plans and intentions. Usually, people with burnout syndrome are looking for help from specialists, when they no longer have any strength, no desires, or emotions. At this stage, the person stops taking care of themselves, despite the fact that this is the most important step on the path to recovery.

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This is one of the most common reasons. The ordinariness and monotony of everyday life lead to the fact that a person begins to get bored, a kind of stagnation in thoughts and feelings is formed. In such a state, it is very difficult to create something new and creative. In this case, you need to do everything possible in order to diversify your life. Try reading a new book, watching an interesting movie, or spending your leisure time on something unusual for yourself.

Lack of rest

It is common for a person to feel tired and lose creativity sometimes even from the most interesting and favorite things. An exhausted person is the best target for creative stagnation. There is only one panacea against artist burnout – vacation (at least short term).

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Completion of the project

Sometimes, at the end of the important task, a person experiences inner emptiness, lack of demand. The project (for example, drawing) has been completed, well-deserved rewards have been received and it comes the time, when creativity simply requires rest. No motivation to draw anymore? - Take a break! Temporarily do something easy and does not require extreme concentration and dedication, and only then - forward with renewed vigor! 

Being a successful artist is not only about showing, selling and getting well-known; it's about understanding your purpose, your calling, and presenting your art with unwavering confidence. It is also about coping with burnout! Having a firm grasp of why you're in this profession and what compels you to make your work is key. It is important to understand that burnout will not go away on its own. To cope with it, you need to make conscious steps towards a healthy, balanced life. Even if these steps are tiny, the main thing is to do them every day.