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National Baking Day celebration with Artistro

Have you stocked up on flour, powdered sugar, and family dessert recipes? National Baking Day is just around the corner!

when is national baking day?

World Baking Day is a great occasion not only to enjoy gourmet delicacies, but also to showcase your culinary talents, as well as spend the day in a warm family atmosphere creating a new baking masterpiece.

National Baking Day is celebrated on May 17th. If you haven't found your vocation in the baking craft yet, it's time to do it! Win the heart of your loved one with crispy homemade cookies or surprise your family with a stunning deluxe chocolate dessert.

Cooking beginners can start with simple recipes. Classic gingerbread cookies will always come in handy, not only on this holiday. Find recipes for newbies online or in a cookbook. Also try experimenting with decorating your baking: frosting, vanilla sugar, topping, chocolate chips.

baking painting-national baking day-world baking day-baking glass paint

If you are an experienced chef or master chef, you have a chance to surprise everyone with your own homemade cake or your own author'srecipe. Choosing a charlotte, almond pie or cooking a chocolate cake depends on your skill.

But if classic baking recipes aren't enough to subdue your creativity, Artistro team has prepared some painting "recipes" for you that you can create even if you can't draw.

Sweet Couple Painted Plate

These mouth-watering cakes with colored sprinkles will help to transform your meal not only on a holiday, but also on weekdays. An elegant double strand of blue and pink cream filling with rainbow sprinkles will turn any meal into a carnival!

baking painting-national baking day-world baking day-baking glass paint

Energy Combo Menu Mug Painting

The perfect recipe for those with a sweet tooth and coffee lovers. Charge yourself with a positive mood and cheerfulness with the help of the low-calorie combo menu from Artistro!

baking painting-national baking day-world baking day-baking glass paint

National Baking Day Icon Painting

Doubt about your culinary skills, but want to impress your loved ones with a charming cupcake of your own production? It's time to discover Artistro secret baking painting technique!

baking painting-national baking day-world baking day-baking glass paint

In case you do not feel at all confident in your abilities on the kitchen battlefield, you can always go to the nearest cafe and enjoy a purchased dessert to celebrate this delicious holiday!

Be sure to read our instructions on how to bake these culinary masterpieces properly so that the paintings will delight you for a long time. You will find our guide here.

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