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Drawing on a plate with Artistro paint pens | Artistro

The World Baking day is an ideal opportunity to strut that stuff. It celebrates on the 17th of May. Are you expert in the baking of trendy cupcakes, favorite biscuits, or home-made bread? Such a holiday might be a tasty occasion to come together with your friends and beloved.

You don’t have to cook something worthy only Michelin restaurant. Please prepare vital ingredients such as butter, sugar, flour, and a bit of imagination. There is no lack of simple and yummy recipes for desserts nowadays. You are free to add some chocolate or cocoa to make it more luxurious. If you are going to cook with your beloved kids, both of you can decorate biscuits with colorful sprinkles and icings, for instance. Skilled and talented bakers might be interested in more advanced recipes such as almond tart with apricots. Home-made marzipan will make you proud of your efforts.

Don’t be anxious if there is no precious time for baking. There are always plenty of cozy cafes which are ready to propose you something genuinely appetizing.

The gorgeously designed plate is ready to use after you paint it with Artistro paint pens. Thanks to them, you are able to generate any cooking ideas. Unique pattern created by you will gladden you and those you are happy to get such a fascinating gift.


P.S. Please follow our user-guide to bake the plate properly!


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