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Father's Day Gift Ideas | Artistro

Artistro is a proud family owned company and being family proud we want to put the creative power in your hands this Father’s Day DIY. Handmade gifts are the most thoughtful and you can “WOW” your Dad with a gift from the heart. We make creating your masterpiece easy by inspiring you with these handmade gifts. 

1. Handpainted T-Shirt 

Make Dad’s life easier when it comes to getting ready for fancy events and grab your red, green and black Artistro acrylic paint markers and recreate this fun tuxedo tee! Feeling extra creative? Create a personalized shirt using our non-toxic, quick drying acrylic paint markers using your Dad’s favorite colors.

Painted tuxedo tee

2. Unique mug 

Mornings are an important start to a Dad’s day as he prepares for work, make his mornings brighter. Take your mustache stencil and place it onto the ceramic coffee cup and then grab your black Artistro acrylic paint marker and color in the stencil. Once the stencil is colored in, remove the stencil and then write Daddy underneath. It truly is that easy and it is guaranteed to make Dad’s day! 

Dad's mug

We also include a second mug with a lip stencil for Mom and these mugs next to each other really complete the theme. Also, feel free to let your creative juices flow and feel free to decorate these mugs how you please by choosing between twelve different colors in this kit.

Mummy and Daddy

3. Superhero mug

Growing up my favorite superhero has always been my Dad. Show him your gratitude for all the super things he does in your life by recreating our awesome Super Dad mug. All you need is your black, gold, and red Artistro acrylic paint markers and you will have Dad smiling when he opens this handmade gift from you. All of our Artistro acrylic markers are non-toxic and quick drying for the perfect quick, and thoughtful creation.

Superhero cup

4. #1 Dad Medal

For everyone, father is a hero and we think he needs his own medal. You can create this gift for Father's daywith the Artistro Wood slices kit.Artistro wood slices craft kit comes with 24 natural wooden slices, with famous high quality Artistro sets of 10 extra fine tip and 4 medium tip Acrylic paint pens. Check the video tutorial:  Best Father medal.

Medal for dad

5. "Daddy and me" mug design

We can support you with a very simple idea for the gift. If you are not drawing very well make this amazing mug. This painted mug ceramic will be a great present for your father.handmade gift that suits his interests will build memories to last a lifetime! All you need is your fingers, a mug, and Artistro paint pens. Just make a fingerprint on the mug and make a signature. Our video tutorial: Daddy and Me coffee mug.

Dad's mug

6. Painted rock for Father's Day

If you are a fan of rock painting this idea is exactly for you. This is an easy gift that you can personalize to show dad just how much you appreciate him! Create a truly personal gift designed by you. Watch the video tutorial: Painted Rock for father.

Rock heart

7. Paper Postcard for Father

Show your father how super he is. Easy DIY postcard idea. You can use your imagination to find perfect colors and designs for this craft Father's Day.

Paper postcard for father

8. Easy Fathers Day Grilling Plate Diy

Make a personal gift for you Dad. Decorate the plate with Artistro markers and baked in the oven. Your Father will be the master of the grill with such present.

Grilling Plate for Father

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