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Patriotic 4th of July Arts and Crafts to Get All Family in the Holiday Spirit | Artistro

The 4th of July is right around the corner. It’s a great time when everything looks better with stars and stripes! It is also the time to see the red, blue and white everywhere! These fourth of July decor ideas and projects will give your all the amazing options to do that smartly and brilliantly without causing a big load in your pocket or wallet!

We prepare some easy, patriotic, and beautiful 4th of july arts and crafts that will keep kids occupied, as well as some more advanced projects for adults. It’s so exciting to spend time with our family and share with each other patriotic craft ideas. Let’s create something great together! Or you can plan fun family picnics to the nearby landscape or parks with the flag-inspired picnic keeping in contact with the patriotic theme. So all these amazing DIY decor ideas and projects are resting right below with detailed links, to let you know the tutorials and directions of each so that you can handle them easily at home.

We want to show you how you can use your creative mind for patriotic gifts. Color your presents with white, blue and red and add stars and stripes. #Artistro markers will be your perfect helpers to feel and create a sense of patriotic day!

There is no better way to get one’s patriotism on and show your patriotic spirit to honor our soldiers and veterans then to create DIY gifts, 4th of July DIY, and American flag crafts.

Make your 4th of July celebration a day to remember. Have fun creating these easy 4th of July homemade crafts that will get everyone feeling patriotic. The nice thing is that you can use these ideas for both Memorial Day, the 4th Of July, and all year:

1. No big day celebration is complete without an American flag being displayed in the special decor. Using the wooden slices you can make this cute mini American flag and display it proudly on the walls, on shelves, or on the tables for a perfectly gorgeous and simple memorial day decor. Wooden decors always stand apart from the rest for being super stunning and gorgeous.

Click the picture below to see video tutorial ⬇️

Wood American Flag

2. The 4th July celebrations are mostly held outdoors so give your garden decor a patriotic boost this holiday with these flag painted rocks.

Click the picture below to see video tutorial ⬇️

Rock American Flag

3. And what about this American flag painted rock? Rock painting is for any age, even toddlers enjoy painting rocks. Different shapes are much more interesting, and fun to come up with creative designs. Beach and river rocks are great for flat surfaces. If you don’t have rocks near you, take a trip to the garden store. Usually, there are bags of landscape rocks there to buy.

Rocks 4th July

4.The bald eagle is our national bird; a symbol of freedom and everything that 4th of July stands for. 

Click the picture below to see video tutorial ⬇️

Mug Eagle

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