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Founding a Charity Initiative: 18 Engaging Art Interview Questions

We are excited about conversation with Chelsea and hope that Chelsea's example will inspire many more people to be creative and do good deeds.

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • About Art
  • About Charity
  • Plans for future
  • Discussion

  • Today we have prepared a very special artist interview for you. Please meet Chelsea, our charity partner. We are very pleased to have this opportunity to speak with her again. We carefully prepared the questions for artists, because for us this is the most favorite one of all events. We hope it will be the same for you.

    Before moving on to the standard questions to ask artists from our piggy bank, we wanted to shed some light on the background of this brave girl:

    questionWhat was the strongest influence you had when you were growing up ( artists, movies, cartoons, comics etc.. ) ?

    answerEven though I’m only 11:-) I think my strongest so far influence has been videos of different artists. I used to watch videos of Bob Ross when I was in 2-4th grades and I loved those experiences. 

    questionIs there something that you have designed that you like the most?

    answerI designed some sneakers in an online course with a designer from Nike once and that was so fun!  

    questionContinue the phrase: I would never draw…

    answeranything that isn’t positive or anything that is against God

    Meanwhile, there are still a few tricky artist interview questions left in our piggy bank:

    charity artistro markers


    answerdraw, flop it in between my fingers, tap it, spell out words with several pencils on my desk, use the sides of it in paint to make a cool design by rolling it around, i can use the erase, twirl it, dip the point in paint, pop the eraser off, i can sharpen and use the shavings for art.

    questionDo you have other hobbies besides drawing?

     answerI like to sing and read and write stories

    It's time for our favorite questions about art:

    questionTell me how many brushers(markers, works) you have in your house?

    answerI have about 15 paint brushes and I have a few packs of markers of different types.

    questionWhat is your favourite Artistro marker set or bundle?

    answerI LOVVVVVE the acrylic paint pens and the bundles with the art markers are amazing!

    questionHow did you come up with the idea to help children?

    answerI honestly wanted to help people that were my age or close to it because I knew how happy art makes me and I couldn’t imagine kids not having art because they didn’t have access to it.

    charity artistro markers

    questionWas it your idea or did someone inspire you?

    answerI’ve been inspired by my parents when I would see them helping others and I was always too young to help. So I decided that I could start something on my own to help people that even kids my age can help others.

    Since this is an unusual interview, we move from art interview questions to the more burning topic of charity:

    questionWhat was the signal to start charity?

    answerWhen I received a very elaborate art kit from a family friend when I was 7 or 8 and my mom told me to be careful with the supplies because they’re expensive and that’s when I learned that art wasn’t available to everyone and I knew I had to do something.

    questionDo you have any difficulties in your mission and how do you solve them?

    answerWe don’t always have enough money to get the supplies we need or to mail everything out.  And it’s always good to have more people helping too, so we are always grateful for the help from others.

    questionHow long have you been working with Artistro?

    answerArtistro was so kind to donate to us last summer :-) 

    Of course, we couldn't help but ask about Chelsea's plans for the future:

    questionWhat are your plans for the future?

    answerI would love to get a used truck and convert to make Chelsea’s Art-Cart so that it can drive around to different communities and give them art lessons and provide art therapy sessions with professionals.

    questionHow much time do you devote to charity?

    answerI spend about 10 hours each week, but sometimes it’s more, just depends on the week.

    charity artistro markers

    questionWhat about school and study?

    answerI spend most of my day in school and at least 3 hours after school doing work

    questionWhat's the hardest part for you?

    answerThe hardest part for me with the charity is having enough time to get it all done.

    questionWhat's your biggest dream?

    answerMy biggest dream in general is to be an entertainer to bring happiness to others.

    questionWhat kind of superpower would you like to have?

    answerI would love to have the power to tele-port between heaven and earth so that I could always see my loved ones that have passed away.

    It was an incredibly warm and engaging conversation with Chelsea. We are excited about this unique opportunity and hope that Chelsea's example will inspire many more people to be creative and do good deeds.

    Tell us, which of all our interviews with artists is your favorite and why?