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Funny craft project for kids | Artistro

Today we want to show how to create funny craft projects for kids that are made out of simple things.

Creating projects with your kids will help them realize their artistic potential, while having fun with the whole family. Spend more time with your children and create these awesome bees and butterflies with Artistro! 

For this project you will need:

    Step 1. Prepare all the required items for this project :)

    Step 2. Fill the sleeve with yellow paint.

    Step 3. With the black paint pen, add stripes.

    Step 4. Add eyes and a smile with the black paint pen. Make your bee cuter with pink cheeks!

    Step 5. On the white paper, draw the wings with the black paint pen. Cut the wings out.

    Step 6. Stick the wings to the bee.

    Your awesome project is ready :)



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