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Painted rocks devoted to the Solar system | Artistro

Don’t you think about other planets surrounding us? Do you know that the planets nearest the Sun are smaller than those at the edge of the solar system? Let's consider some fascinating facts about the Solar system in this article.

  1. Everyone knows about 8 well-known planets, but there are over than a hundred miniature worlds! They consist of the ocean of water, volcanoes, and lakes of liquid methane.
  2. Planets which are made of dust and rock, such as Moon, are closer to the Sun. Liquid and gas planets are on the edge of the Solar system.
  3. Pluto was considered as a planet before, but scientists confirmed that it is a dwarf planet now.
  4. There is the Kuiper belt on the edge including comets and other dwarf planets.
  5. There are still debates about the origin of Solar Systems. Scientists believe that it has been formed from the rotation of dust clouds and gas. Religious people know that God created the Universe. Big bang theory telling us about a huge explosion when a Life begins is still alive.
  6. The asteroid belt is a space between Jupiter and Mars where thousands of bits of matter and comets orbit. Some of these pieces are no larger than a speck of dust.
  7. For thousands of years, people believed that the Earth was at the center of the Universe. Only famous astronauts “opened eyes” to us explained how the planets are moving around the Sun, not opposite.

Please take the set of colorful Artistro paint pens to draw the planets of the Solar system on the rocks.

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