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Painting Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Artistro prepare some painting tips for beginners. We will tell you how to start painting if you are interested in art.

Do you still think that not everyone can become an artist? Remember that every professional once was a beginner. It doesn't matter how old you are, if you have formal education in art, or if it is the first time you have held a brush in your hands - if you want to create, you should do it!

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Even if you can’t imagine how to start painting, – these tips for beginner painters will help you!

1. Learn the basics of drawing

This is the first and most important tip. Everything you need to know about the basics of drawing, like composition, anatomy / figure, perspective, volume, light and shading, and so on will serve as a foundation for your paintings.. Without this knowledge, you cannot be called a professional artist.

How to draw mouth

2. Keep up with the best

Do not compare yourself or your path with anyone. Study and analyze the biographies and works of famous artists only to form your own unique style, not to .

3. Take criticism as it is merited

A person may simply not understand your work, but if the criticism is constructive, then it may be worth listening to it.

canvas pegas

4. Draw wisely

If you are just a beginner, think about what you are painting. Take some time to determine what you want to express to others with your creativity.

5. Draw what comes to your imagination

The need to accurately paint the world around us has long disappeared — almost everyone has a camera or smartphone. Artists have the right to draw abstractly, and to draw anything and everything that comes to mind. So take this opportunity to unleash your creativity!

wood shine

6. Connect with the right people

Every creative person knows what it feels like when certain people cater to the influence on inspiration and ability to create. You have the opportunity to get together.

7. Never stop

Learn and work on yourself. Keep cultivating and honing your artistic vision.

never stop wood painting

8. Do not find excuses

Anything that should be done, just do it.

9. Read books

Read not only books specifically about drawing, but also books on art in general. What could be better for gaining inspiration than immersion in others’ worlds?

rock reading

10. Do not neglect to rest

Mental activity depletes one no less than physical activity. Rest can lead to the emergence of new spiritual forces.

11. Get enough sleep

Do not sacrifice radical painting for the same reason. You should think only that you have only thoughts.

rock relax

12. Do not try to polish your drawings

Look at the works of great artists and try to find perfect lines and shapes there. Experiment with form and style, and which techniques you need to use when drawing specific subjects.

13. Always try new things

If you like dramas, watch some comedies. If you like rock music, try listening to jazz. New art is an endless resource for inspiration. Don’t be conservative and only fixate on one thing.

woos try something new

14. Be realistic

It can’t be fast, so do not despair. To achieve your desired result, you need to draw hundreds of human figures.

15. Try to notice everything around you

Go to familiar places and try to find some little things that you have not noticed before. Such training will help you learn to pay attention, be observant, and be mindful.