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🏠 10 FUN Activities to Do with Kids at Home | Artistro

⏰ Time to read: 10 minutes

🎨 Level: All ages

Nowadays it is exceptionally necessary to provide amusing family activities at home. Artistro kindly offers you 10 activities that are sure to excite and entertain you and your little artists, even when everyone is stuck inside! Try these fun and easy craft projects with your kids! 

1. Paper sea creatures craft for kids 🌊

Paper sea creatures

Make these amazing ocean animals come alive with this fun, easy, and colorful under the sea papercraft. Learn more about the ocean and the creatures that inhabit it. For this tutorial, you will need  Artistro paint pens, colored paper, double-sided tape, and scissors.

Follow this  video tutorial and don’t forget safety rules for using the scissors!  

2. Hand-painted wood magnets 💛

painted wood slice

wood slice painting art

Learn how to make DIY wood magnets using  Artistro acrylic paint markers. It's an easy woodcraft and makes a great homemade gift idea too. Prepare your tools:  Artistro Wood Slices Craft Kit, hot glue, and a piece of a magnet (or self-taped magnet).

3. Monster painted rock 

Learn how to paint a monster on a rock. You'll need an  Artistro Rock Painting kit, which includes everything you need to start rock painting! This is an easy rock painting tutorial for kids and adults alike.

painted rock ideas

4. Cute Animal Alphabet 🦌

Learn and practice the letters of the alphabet with your kids. This project will encourage your child to practice writing letters, first words, and even sentences! For this educational project, you will need paper and  Artistro paint pens.

5. Fun paper plate craft project 🌈

The white paper plate is a wonderful background to draw sunshine, clouds, and a rainbow. Sound delightful? It is easier to build up than it sounds. Draw the sun and clouds with yellow and blue paint pens with medium tips. One big cloud should be on the bottom of the plate to cut out a little hole on the top of the cloud. Separately, draw the rainbow using 7 different colors of Artistro paint pens. Stick it to a wooden stick and string the rainbow through the hole in the cloud, like it happens in nature. The process becomes fun and fascinating.

paper plate craft

 6. Super easy mug design

It is time to make a common mug bright like a rainbow. Artistro’s set of oil-based pens are perfectly matched with the dots of different colors. Use all the colors in the set, and don’t hesitate to make raindrops on the mug. Bright dots on the plain violet background look cheerful.

mug designs to paint

7. Coasters for your tea party! ☕

The Artistro Wood Slices Craft Kit is perfect for showing off your painting ideas. For instance, the round shape of the slices is reminiscent of doughnuts, so you could turn them into delicious-looking pink, violet, blue, or yellow donuts. Don’t forget to draw multi-colored dots to look like sprinkles!

diy coasters easy

8. Fun paper masks for kids and adults

Need more fun activities? Try these adorable face impression masks. They are easy to make and fun to run around the house in! 


Tic-Tac-Toe is an amazing way to spend time with kids! It’s an art project that provides entertainment when you create it with your kids and then again when you play the game with it!

9. Team Olaf or Team Snowflakes? It’s time to make an awesome rock painting project and play with it! ☃️

olaf rock painting project

All you need is 8 rocks, a set of  Artistro Paint Pens (extra-fine tip), white cotton fabric, or any light surface. You need to draw snowflakes on the violet background on the four rocks. Draw Olaf on the remaining stones. The cotton white fabric serves as the field for the tic-tac-toe game.

10. Tic-Tac-Toe for Marvel fans! 🕸️

spiderman painted stones

This craft idea gives you the opportunity to use your imagination in this cool game with two rock teams: Spiderman and Venom. Make the wooden shape bright like Spiderman. Orange and black colors are the perfect match.

Watch this  video tutorial to learn how to paint Spiderman and Venom rocks.

All the above projects are stunning ideas that are just waiting to be made by your kids. Please do not be upset with the current situation nowadays, as Artistro Paint Pens are always ready to be your trustworthy assistant in the creative process.

Don't forget to share your wonderful creations on social media and add #Artistro for a chance to be featured by us!

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