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Vital ideas for New Year 's Resolutions from Artistro

It's time to add important paragraphs to your New Year's resolution list on the threshold of the coming 2022 and set yourself up for success!

Table of Contents:

  • Family and Home
  • Health and Wellness
  • Kindness
  • Art related
  • Relationship and Friendship
  • Work & Personal Goals

  • Traditionally, the New Year is a kind of crossing the Rubicon in personal life and professional activity, as well as a starting point for the next New Year's resolution list. This is the moment when each person draws the line separating the past and the future and sums up the results of the outgoing year.

    Thus, we step over a certain segment in our life and make certain conclusions that will help us improve in the future and make the right decisions from now onwards.

    That is why it is important to be careful when planning New Year resolutions. This is a unique chance to make up your mind for important changes in your life indeed. Often it is the lack of proper motivation that is the main obstacle to effective implementation of New Year resolutions ideas.

    We have collected the most creative and vibrant ideas for New Year's resolutions for our creative readers.

    Family and Home

    Making New Year resolution it is better to start with the closest and most personal topics. Often, because of the professional hassle, business travel, and busy work schedule, we do not pay enough attention to personal and family issues. Let family and home take center stage in your life, because this is the core of our existence indeed.

    family new year resolutions
    • spend more time with family
    • spend more time with children
    • find a partner
    • get married
    • make up with a partner
    • start a family, have a baby
    • make plans to take a mini adventure

    Health and Wellness

    A healthy mind is in a healthy body, and this is an axiom. Therefore, the health paragraph takes one of the first places in the top New Year's resolutions. Take a deep breath, review your current attitude towards this issue, and start over. A new approach to a healthy lifestyle starts in the New Year!

    healthy food new year resolutions
    • keep fit
    • get rid of bad habits
    • stop smoking
    • lose weight
    • visit gym on regular basis
    • lead a more active life
    • eat healthily
    • drink less alcohol
    • drink enough water
    • move more, sit less


    If you haven't had time to think about how to make the world a better place before, this is the time to ask this important question in the incoming year.

    ceramic be kind new year resolutions
    • make donations
    • be kind
    • support charity
    • bake cookies for the office
    • pick up litter
    • reconnect with the old friends
    • buy lemonade from a stand
    • give someone a hug

    Art related

    If for some reason you haven't had the courage to pick up a brush or palette before, it's time to dare to embody your creative ideas. It's time for the most creative New Year's resolutions from Artistro!

    painting on plastic art new year resolutions
    • buy expensive and the best colors
    • make the book of ideas
    • create the portfolio
    • buy new paints
    • work on different surfaces
    • walk in the parks

    Relationship and Friendship

    New Year's is the perfect time to fill in any lack of communication with friends and family. If you've been putting off calling a friend for a long time, start by sending greeting cards to your old school mates.

    wood painting be kind new year resolutions
    • make more friends
    • get on well with people
    • write to friends more
    • help people
    • spend more (less) time with friends
    • do good deeds
    • become a volunteer
    • prioritize eco-friendly choices
    • volunteer more often

    Work & Personal Goals

    What professional heights have you conquered this year? What career goals have you achieved? Do not be afraid to dare in the New Year, set ambitious professional goals and achieve them!

    business new year resolutions
    • achieve career goals
    • get a job
    • change a job
    • get promoted
    • get a pay rise
    • set up a business
    • find a better job
    • work more (less)

    New Year is an opportunity not only to summarize the traversed path, but also to build further plans, to outline important personal achievements.

    To consolidate the success of the tasks already completed and to move firmly towards the intended goal, be sure to write some of the most important New Year resolution ideas that you are determined to implement in the near future.

    At Artistro, we believe that an artist lives in every person; therefore each of us is able to paint his or her own life with those bright colors that one wishes. We hope that our New Year resolutions will help you stay motivated and succeed in meeting all your goals in 2022. Happy New Year!

    How do you like our list of top New Year's resolutions? What other important paragraphs do you want to add to your own list?