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Making the World a Better Place with Artistro

To create a better world, start simple. Follow these 25 simple tips from Artistro and together we'll make the world a better place!

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Have you ever thought about how you can make the world a better place? The idea of changing the world on your own can be really daunting. It is understandable and logical to think, “I am just one little human; what impact can I create a better world tomorrow?”  Imagine how the world would look like if everyone harbored such thoughts. Truly, there would be chaos, disorder, and ecological imbalances.

The main thing is not to give up. Artistro will help you in finding the right way to make the world better. If you’d like to participate in making the world a better place, but aren’t sure how to fit doing so into your busy life, these ideas may help you.

25 easy ways to make the world a better place

  1. Start with yourself.

Most people want to change the world to improve their lives, but the world they need to change first is the one inside themselves. Change your attitude about the world around you. Be positive and you will see the world respond to you in return.

pomegranate painting idea
  1. Create artworks.

Paint, sculpt, write a poem, and compose a beautiful song. Share it with the world or just one special person to inspire him or her to do something special. Remember that art can change the world.

  1. Spend time in nature.

Spending time in nature is a fantastic way to appreciate Earth and step into a place of gratitude for and understanding what the planet provides.

  1. Donate blood or plasma.

This can be one of the most satisfying ways to make a difference. You can literally save a life with just an hour of your time.

  1. Respond with kindness.

You have no idea what day or life someone has had, so don’t judge others. Allow yourself to be present in the moment and view every encounter and experience with others as an opportunity to grow and learn.

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  1. Be a positive role model to kids.

Children absorb everything that happens around them. Try to teach them something good and inspire them, because the future of our world depends on them.

  1. Listen without passing judgments.

Do not judge, and you will not be judged. 

  1. Volunteering.

You could also volunteer your time to the homeless. Learn about the problem, and share this information with others. Use your local newspaper, blog posts, and social media to spread the word about this problem and what others can do to help.

  1. Donate used clothing.

There are so many places and ways you can donate your used clothing. Some organizations even offer pick up services. Donate your clothes to a homeless shelter, or an organization that sells them to raise funds.

  1. Adopt a pet from a shelter.

Animals also need kindness. Donate money to the animal welfare fund. If you see a wounded dog, don't be lazy and take it to the hospital

  1. Be caring towards others.

Help the older person with some time. For example, talk to them, help with shopping. They are worthy of your attention like no other.

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  1. Our positive attitude is our greatest asset.

The proverb “Smile and the whole world smiles back” fits it perfectly. The more positive and true to yourself that you are, the more the world will respond back in kind.

  1. Decrease your ecological footprint.

You can also reduce your environmental footprint by supporting organizations that provide pollution prevention tips and help fight for clean air. The Coalition for Clean Air and the American Lung Association, the leading public health organizations fighting for lung health and clean air, are great places to start!

  1. Help someone carry their shopping bags to the car.

Believe me, everyone will appreciate this act, and good will settle in their hearts.

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  1. Practice gratitude

Giving thanks for all that you have, instead of focusing on what you don’t have. This not only opens the doors, but also helps you to better appreciate the world that you live in.

  1. Do not litter.

Nature needs care no less than people and animals.

  1. Create a bee and bird friendly garden.

There’s no better sound than a garden alive with the industrious buzz of bees. Gardeners owe a lot to these hard-working pollinators. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to grow many of the fruits and vegetables we take for granted.

  1. Use less paper

The rate at which our prime forests are being reduced is terribly alarming. So, why don’t you save a tree by appreciating the paperless world? Instead of updating friends and family through a handwritten letter, consider doing so by sending an email.

  1. Laugh at yourself.

Try not to take everything too personally. Be an example others to not be so serious.

  1. Get rid of all the clutter in your workplace and at home, too.

A mess around you means a mess in your head. When your space is clean, your thoughts will be pure too, and you will be able to concentrate on more things at once.

  1. Don't cheat.

The world will be much better place if there are no lies.

  1. Get enough sleep.

Good sleep will make you calm and confident.

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  1. Practice yoga.

Practicing yoga won’t feed hungry children or bring world peace, but after even the short 20-minute practice, you will feel softer and more generous, both with yourself and with others.

  1. Do what you love.

That alone will inspire the others.

  1. Join the Kindness Rocks Project.

This rock painting project has become an international grassroots movement. Artistro  is also involved in this project, so join our friendly community on social networks and you won't miss any of our updates.

The messages on these positivity pebbles take many forms: gratitude, affirmations, encouragement, offers of hope. Leave these signs along the way so someone can find them at the right time.

Let's spread kindness to unexpected recipients along the way together!

Remember that every endless journey begins with a small step, which takes courage and daring to take. But only by deciding on this, each of us will find his own way to answer to the question of how to make a change in the world. It is in our power today to make our small contribution to making our huge world a little kinder and better tomorrow.

What Does Kindness Mean To You? Please share your heartwarming answers to remind everyone how being kind really can change our world.