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Why you should learn how to draw and how to do it

28 May, 2018 |

You can't draw, but have always wanted to learn? This article will be the first step to learning. You will  find out expert opinions, why some draw from birth, and others don't, what you need to do to learn how  to draw and what bonuses brings painting to life. It is always necessary to explain everything to adults. Antoine de Saint-Exupery, "The Little Prince" Do you remember why the hero who led the narrative in The Little Prince refused the "brilliant career of the artist"?...

Diy painted mugs master-class

14 May, 2018 |

Master-class №1: Funny coffee mugs This master class is great for sharing creativity with kids, as it is simple and, at the same time, fun. This time we will draw only such funny drawings at the bottom of the cup. What will be required: 1. Wadded disks and any degreaser - ethyl alcohol, nail polish remover or white spirit; 2. Acrylic paint - for painting the bottom. In this example, black paint is used, but you can choose...

The Kindness Rock Project

06 September, 2017 |

People around the world decorate rocks with inspirational messages and leave them in random public places for people to find. Why? ❤️Just to bring some kindness to others, inspire and make them smile...

Spectacular Marker Crafts

02 September, 2017 |

There are several spectacular crafts that you can do with markers. 1. Unique dinnerware. You can buy some of the cheap plates from the dollar store and then you or your child can add own designs by using only markers for crafts.  Therefore, you don't have to spend a lot of money to get some priceless artwork. This is a great way for children to express their creativity, because they can do whatever they like...

Diy custom coffee mugs

03 May, 2016 |

Whether you want to update an unadorned cup or mug for yourself or create a useful handmade gift for someone you love, you can customize a beverage container surface easily with odor-free, non-toxic, water-resistant Artistro ceramic markers and some basic supplies...
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