Jar Painting Ideas: Avocado and Watermelon Painting Tutorial | Artistro

DIY Pencil Holder Painting Tutorial from Artistro

Organize your art storage in style by making your own DIY avocado and watermelon pencil holders. Just grab a glass jar/cup and some Artistro paint pens. 

Organize your art supplies in style by making your own tropical DIY pencil holder of your choice: sweet avocado  or juicy  watermelon.  This activity will help you practice your imagination, try new art supplies, and clean up your workplace with colorful homemade stationery.

CRAFT TOOLS NEEDED for this homemade pencil holder tutorial:

How to make a pencil holder

1. Make sure the work materials are clean and ready to use. Pre-wash and dry the glass and jar, check that there are no dust particles or lint left on their painting surface.

paint glass jar

2. Tint the entire surface of the glass with light green acrylic paint and let it dry.

3. Completely tint the surface of the glass jar with pink acrylic paint and wait for it to dry.

The preparatory stage and basic work on the creation of the homemade pencil holder are completed. Now we turn to the direct embodiment of our artistic pencil holder craft ideas. Let's start drawing the avocado and watermelon.

painting a jar

4. With a dark green marker, draw the outer outline of the avocado fruit on the glass and let it dry.

jar painting designs

5. Draw a dividing line parallel to the base of the jar and tint the top of the glass surface with a dark green marker.

avocado painted jar

6. Take a brown marker and draw a large oval in the center of the improvised avocado, forming a pit of this fruit. Then take a marker of a slightly lighter color and add shine to the seed for a better effect.

7. Using a black marker, add details to the drawing on the glass jar. On the pink half, add small triangles to form the seeds, and on the top green half add longitudinal random stripes to create a striped watermelon rind.

watermelon painted jar

Enjoy your stylish homemade pencil holders! From now on, your pencils, pens, and markers will always be organized precisely by palette and nib thickness, and your desk will be decorated with vibrant craftworks.