30 May, 2019

Delicious Macarons Drawing to Get a Taste of Art

Draw this delicious macaron illustration with Artistro paint pens! 



26 May, 2019

Passionate Vampire Kiss Drawing Tutorial for Dracula Day

Express your bloody ideas devoted to Dracula's day with Artistro paint pens

06 May, 2019

Flower DIY Butter Dish Painting Tutorial

Who wouldn't enjoy cooking, smearing and spreading with help from this perfect plastic butter dish? Learn how to turn ordinary kitchen butter dish into piece of art with the help of Artistro markers!

05 May, 2019

Top 7 Ceramic Plate Painting Designs from Artistro

Get inspired by our wonderful designs of DIY Artistro paint pens plates! 

27 April, 2019

How to Decorate a Balloon for Party: Step by Step Guide

Preparing for the birthday party? Make it special by adding some customized balloons. Use our paint pens to write all the wishes! 

22 April, 2019

Mother's Day Daisy DIY Card Tutorial

This DIY will help you to create a perfect gift for Mother's Day! Transform your love into a small token of appreciation — flower card where every petal consists of a nice and heartwarming words about you mother. Bring a smile to your mom’s face this spring!

25 December, 2018

Funny DIY Story Stones - Artistro Rock Painting Ideas for Сhristmas

Let your child tell a story of Christmas in his or her own words! Story stones can be used by parents and educators to encourage creativity. How to use story stones: pretend play, writing prompts, bedtime stories, travel activity during road trips!

25 December, 2018

Snowman Painted Rocks Tutorial - Artistro DIY Ideas for Сhristmas

Here’s a fun craft idea for winter – paint some snowman rocks! You can make any sets of snowmen with matching hats and scarves, with buckets on their heads, smiling or frowning – anything you can imagine!

12 June, 2018

How to Paint Glass Plates: 5 DIY Master Classes for Beginners

Content: Master-class №1: point to point painting of plates Master-class №2: painting plates on stencils and templates Master-class №3: art painting by hand with brushes Master-class №4: painting with markers on ceramics and glass Painting plates with your own hands is creativity, which is available for both experienced and novice decorators. After all, technology is very easy to master ...

28 May, 2018

Becoming an Artist: Learning to Draw with Artistro

You can't draw, but have always wanted to learn? This article will be the first step to learning. You will  find out expert opinions, why some draw from birth, and others don't, what you need to do to learn how  to draw and what bonuses brings painting to life. It is always necessary to explain everything to adults. Antoine de Saint-Exupery, "The Little Prince" Do you remember why the hero who led the narrative in The Little Prince refused the "brilliant career of the artist"?...

14 May, 2018

Diy Painted Mugs Master-Class

Master-class №1: Funny coffee mugs This master class is great for sharing creativity with kids, as it is simple and, at the same time, fun. This time we will draw only such funny drawings at the bottom of the cup. What will be required: 1. Wadded disks and any degreaser - ethyl alcohol, nail polish remover or white spirit; 2. Acrylic paint - for painting the bottom. In this example, black paint is used, but you can choose...