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Celebrating Dracula's day

26 May, 2019 |

Express your bloody ideas devoted to Dracula's day with Artistro paint pens

Geek Pride Day

25 May, 2019 |

This tutorial is celebrating Geek Pride Day by drawing awesome geeky rocks with Artistro paint pens. 

DIY Sherlock Holmes portrait with quote on wood

22 May, 2019 |

This DIY project on wood lets you touch the history and mystery celebrating Sherlock Holmes Day. 

Drawing the bee on the rock

20 May, 2019 |

Destined to you below DIY is an ideal way to spare time with your kids. You are free to tell them about the meaning of the World Bee day.

Drawing on a plate with Artistro paint pens

17 May, 2019 |

Celebrate the World Baking Day cooking and drawing on a plate with Artistro paint pens. Enjoy creating process!

DIY black ceramic mugs designs

10 May, 2019 |

How do you like these gold and silver design mugs? They will add some character to your kitchen for sure! 

Artistro Ocean Challenge: participate and win Artistro bundle!

09 May, 2019 |

Take part in our Artistro Ocean Challenge 🐠 and win Artistro Creative Bundle 🎁

Love theme painted rock

08 May, 2019 |

Hold onto the things that you love! 💕 

Enjoy our short tutorial how to create Love theme rock with Artistro paint pens! 

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