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Christmas story stones DIY | Artistro

Let your child tell a story of Christmas in his or her own words! Story stones can be used by parents and educators to encourage creativity. How to use story stones: pretend play, writing prompts, bedtime stories, travel activity during road trips!

For this project you will need:

  • 8 rocks approximately the same size
  • White, green, red, brown, blue, green, yellow paints.
  • Brush
  • Black marker
  • Canvas bag to keep the set together

Let’s learn how to paint Santa Claus on a rock!

  1. Take a rock from a kit. If you use found stones don’t forget to clean and dry them.

  1. Paint the rock white. Let the rock dry


3. Draw a hat with black marker.

4. Add a face and a nose.

5. Draw a beard, mustache and mouth.

6. Color the hat with red paint and draw eyes.

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