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Top 15 Arts and Crafts for Halloween

Have you stocked up on sweets and scary stories? Halloween is almost on the doorsteps, so Artistro list of interesting Halloween art projects is here to help you!

Top 15 Amazing Arts and Crafts for Halloween from Artistro

One of the most anticipated, magical, and mysterious holidays is approaching — Halloween! We are looking forward to it so much that we’ve already prepared some interesting ideas for arts and craft for Halloween.

mason jar Halloween art project

Mason jar Halloween art project

What is a fun Halloween art project without a mason jar? These jars can be used in many different ways. A painted jar coupled with a drinking straw can bring extra festivity to a cocktail or punch. They can also be used to store treats and snacks, or you can serve dessert in it. It can also be used as an item for interior decoration. Fill a jar with plastic spiders, acorns, and toy skulls to decorate your fireplace, coffee table, or living room. It is very simple to make such a multifunctional mason jar decoration: just paint the jar with acrylic paints or markers.

Glass painting Halloween art project

Candle Jar Halloween art project

Mason Jar is not the only one jar that can be an interesting Halloween craft. Simple glass jars can become interesting Halloween art crafts as well. They can be brought back to life by transforming into original lanterns or painted vases. Take a simple glass jar, tint its surface with acrylic paints in one color. After it's dry, use the markers to draw a creepy Halloween monster, spiders, witches or other scary characters. Excellent, all that remains is to put a candle, LED lamp or a bouquet of dead flowers inside!

ceramic plate with ghost cat Halloween art project

Decorative ceramic Halloween art project

Since a festive table is an integral part of any holiday, it is imperative to think over the decorations for the dining room in advance. How can you make an original table setting? Create a composition of autumn leaves and fruits, use a black tablecloth, and use a pumpkin as a centerpiece. Last but not least, buy some art-safe dishes. A ceramic plate set or tea set is a great canvas for your creativity and this Halloween art idea! Paint the dishes with Artistro acrylic markers, and when dry, bake them in the oven for fixing.

Halloween art project rock painting with ghost

Spooky rock painting Halloween art project

What do you think the the most quintessential attribute of Halloween is? The first thought that probably comes to mind is pumpkins — but we think you would be wrong! For us here at Artistro, the most important element of the holiday is a spooky atmosphere. Therefore, scary decorations are a must. And what could be scarier than turning kindness rocks into “horror rocks”?

How can you make these? Collect stones, preferably of an irregular and ugly shape, and wash and dry them. Then you can start creating an entire army of your own monsters! Add scary lettering using Gothic, jagged, or “dripping” (like blood) fonts for the final touches to these simple Halloween crafts. When the drawings are ready and the paint is completely dry, use these spooky rock paintings as paperweights, place settings, or miscellaneous decorations.

Halloween Tic-tac-toe game Halloween art project

Phantom Tic-tac-toe Halloween art project

Who do you cheer for - the ghost team or the pumpkin team? Halloween is a great occasion for kids to show their savvy and commercial skills with the Trick or Treat ceremony. An exciting Tic-tac-toe game will allow your children to show their creativity and intelligence as well. You can find a detailed step-by-step guide on how to create this fascinating art project for Halloween in our article. Hurry up to stock up on enough river pebbles and colored markers to make this wonderful game with your kids.

Trick or treat greeting cards Halloween art project

Trick or treat greeting card Halloween art project

Themed greeting cards can not only serve as an original congratulation for friends and relatives, but also become a noteworthy subject of a festive interior. On this occasion, we recommend using special black paper of increased density or cardboard - this will not only make your presents durable, but also give Halloween art projects the necessary gloomy entourage. Use eye-catching metallic markers or multicolored glitter shiny markers to add sparkle and glamour to your greeting cards.

Spooky phone case Halloween art project

Spooky phone case Halloween art project

Traditionally, among arts and crafts for Halloween, those that are intended for interior decoration are in the greatest demand in the first place. That is why we want to offer you an original decoration idea for your personal gadgets. Create a unique design for your smart phone with a few easy hand movements. It is enough to wipe the phone case with alcohol and use permanent markers of different colors to draw this cute brooding ghost. After the drawing is dry, your brand new phone case is ready. Celebrate this Halloween in the digital dimension!

pumpkin painting Halloween art project

Pumpkin painting Halloween art project

In addition to carved and illuminated pumpkin, quite traditional and easy Halloween art, there is another equally fascinating option. Decorate your home with your own pumpkin painting this Halloween! You can use our ready-made pumpkin stencils to find ideas or come up with your own design. The way to create such a painted pumpkin is very simple: just wipe the surface of the pumpkin with rubbing alcohol and draw a frightening pattern with a permanent marker of the desired color.

Papier mache  Halloween art project

Papier mache Halloween art project

After you've finished painting your festival set of ceramic plates and cups, it's time to move on to your homemade ones. Such amazing art and craft decorative designs can be created with recyclable materials at hand. Thus, you not only make original Halloween art projects, but also take care of the ecology of the planet. To make a papier mache plate, soak an egg tray for a few hours and mix with glue. Then shape a plate from this blend and wait for it to dry. Now you just need to paint a homemade DIY plate using acrylic paint and colored markers.

Skull mask Halloween art project

Skull mask Halloween art idea

You can use this unusual Halloween art project not only for Halloween, but also for many other holidays, for fun gatherings at home or parties with friends. As a base, use a thick cardboard sheet and a wood shaft to secure the mask. First draw the outline and patterns with a lead pencil, and then color the patterns with colored markers. At the final stage, just glue the shaft to the lower jaw of the skull and your scary mask is ready!

Spooky pumpkin Halloween art project

Spooky pumpkin Halloween art project

Another fun option for Halloween art projects is to make papier mache pumpkins. Such amazing art and craft will be interesting not only for adults, but also for children. Get your kids involved in these quirky crafts to teach them how important it is to use recycled materials correctly. The way to create these pumpkins is very simple: use recycling materials (like an egg tray) and acrylic paint (or markers). When sculpting a pumpkin, try to give it the scariest expression on the face - this will give you really spooky art ideas for pumpkins.

Fun Halloween Art Projects for Kids

No one looks forward to Halloween more than kids. To please your children not only with delicious sweets, but also with the joy of the pre-holiday bustle, here are some enchanting Halloween craft activities!

Puppet art project for Halloween

Since Halloween is a celebration of scary stories and monsters, make Frankenstein and Dracula toys. After all, it would be unforgivable not to invite the most monstrous guests to this holiday. To create such crafts, supplies needed include: paper, markers, scissors, glue, felt, and a little creativity. You can have fun and spend time with your family while preparing such festive decorations. Plus, these crafts will keep your kids entertained after Halloween.

paper craft Halloween art project

Paper Halloween art projects

In addition to puppets, there are many other interesting paper Halloween art projects you can create. Scissors and paper pumpkin is a great way to let kids practice their “carving” skills before they are old enough to carve a real pumpkin. Baba Yaga and other scary fairytale characters are also perfect for children's games or nursery decor. Paper bats will perfectly decorate not only the house inside, but also outside. Hang crafts on a tree or front door to guard your home. Paper ghost finger puppets are a fun craft for little ones. You can make these with simple stationery you most likely already have on hand. Even the smallest kids can draw with fingers. Such a craft can be used not only for games, but also to decorate drinks with straws in an original way.

Vampire Halloween Paper Craft

Vampire Paper Craft Halloween art project

Collect the necessary supplies:

  • a sheet of colored A4 paper for the base
  • an additional sheet of colored paper in the color of the base
  • a sheet of white paper
  • scissors
  • a glue stick
  • colored markers
  • Instructions:

  • Fold the sheet of A4 colored paper twice lengthwise
  • Glue the edges of the paper together
  • Fold the roll of paper in half widthwise
  • Fold the edges of the folded paper in half again
  • Cut the vampire’s ears out of colored paper and fangs out of white paper.
  • After you fold the paper, you should have a colored paper accordion glued to the base. You need to draw on the outer (upper) part of the accordion.
  • Draw the face of a vampire, including eyes, eyebrows, nose, mouth, and hair.
  • Unfold a piece of paper so you can access your mouth. Draw a tongue inside the folded sheet.
  • Glue the ears to the outside of the sheet
  • Draw with a colored marker the drops of blood on the fangs, and glue the fangs to the junction.
  • Great, the number one on the checklist of Halloween paper projects is ready!

    Witch Paper Craft

    To create the next item from the list of paper Halloween crafts, you will need:

  • a plate
  • 3 sheets of colored paper, in different colors
  • a pencil
  • scissors
  • a set of markers
  • Witch paper Halloween craft


  • Trace the plate onto a piece of paper, making a circle.
  • Cut out the circle.
  • Make cuts in the circle along its length.
  • Fold the paper circle in half and glue it along the fold line.
  • Fold the paper semicircle in half again and glue that.
  • Repeat the previous step with the remaining piece of paper.
  • Wrap the ends of the cut pieces of paper with scissors to form a fluffy petticoat.
  • Cut out the witch's head, arms, and hat from paper of a different color.
  • Glue the body parts to the base of the skirt with glue.
  • Draw the eyes, mouth, and nose of the witch with a marker.
  • Decorate the witch's hat by drawing a bat, a web, or a spider.
  • Take a piece of paper of a different color and fold it several times to form a bunch.
  • Make cuts at the top and wrap the ends of these scissors with scissors.
  • Cut off a piece on top that matches the height of the witch (this will be her broom).
  • Glue the witch's broom to one of her hands.
  • Done! Now there is not only a vampire, but also a witch to add to your Halloween paper crafts collection.

    Pumpkin Halloween Paper Crafts for Kids

    For this project, you will need:

  • a sheet of colored paper
  • scissors
  • a glue stick
  • a pencil
  • a ruler
  • Halloween pumpkin paper craft


  • Measure 8 or so equal stripes out on colored paper with a ruler and mark them with a pencil.
  • Cut the strips out.
  • Glue the strips with their tops together, to form rays emanating from the center.
  • Fold each strip into a semicircle shape and glue the base with the next strip, folded in the same way.
  • Repeat the procedure until all the strips are glued together, forming a ball.
  • Trace a circle on green paper, cut it out, and glue it to the base of the ball at the top.
  • Draw and cut out 2 pumpkin leaves, then glue them to the pumpkin tail.
  • To decorate the pumpkin with vine tendrils, cut out several identical colored ribbons, twist them with scissors and glue to the pumpkin's tail. 
  • Making Halloween paper crafts for kids is the perfect opportunity to spend time with the whole family in a cozy home atmosphere and instill in children a love of creativity. Halloween is one of the most mysterious and mystical holidays, so it requires particularly meticulous preparation. To make this celebration even more exciting, and at the same time keep your children busy with useful activities, use our ideas for Halloween paper crafts for kids.