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4th of July Painted Rocks Tutorial

03 July, 2019 |

Happy 4th of July! Enjoy our DIY painted rocks devoted to the Independence Day! 

The Little Prince story stones tutorial

26 June, 2019 |

"All grown-ups were once children..." Enjoy the wisdom of "The Little Prince" with this set of fairy tale rocks!


DIY Pine cones picture frame tutorial

25 June, 2019 |

If you love forest as much as we do then you definitely should create this DIY picture frame made with pine cones and Artistro paint pens.

Emotions Stones Tutorial

17 June, 2019 |

A hands-on way to learn about emotions and feelings with these adorable emotions stones! A simple preschool activity to help children learn with emotions. 

Father's Day custom mug

14 June, 2019 |

This simple but adorable custom mug will be a great gift for Father's Day or birthday and perfect for taking to the office. 


DIY Doughnut mug

08 June, 2019 |

Express your drawing talent on the mug devoted to National Doughnut Day. It is a wonderful opportunity to spend time with your kids.

Painted rocks devoted to fruit and veggies

07 June, 2019 |

 Play an amusing game with your kid telling him or her fascinating facts about fruit and vegetable with this tutorial 

Painted rocks devoted to the Solar system

03 June, 2019 |

Express your drawing talent on the rocks devoted to the Solar system. It is a wonderful opportunity to tell fun facts about the Solar system to your kids.