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Choosing the Best Handmade Gifts for Teachers' Day with Artistro

Students and their parents traditionally congratulate teachers with warm words, flowers, and gifts. Still struggling to choose the best teachers day gift for teachers? 

The beginning of October brings this bright holiday of knowledge. This is one of the most anticipated festivals, because education workers are honored on this day. Students and their parents traditionally congratulate teachers with warm words, flowers, and gifts. Still struggling to choose the best present for Teachers’ Day? Especially in honor of this event, we have prepared a list of the best gift ideas.

Original and memorable Teachers’ Day Gift Ideas

To congratulate your favorite teacher in an original way, the whole class will have to work hard. A greeting poster or newspaper wall from the whole class is a simple but memorable gift. The teacher will be delighted when they enter the classroom and see a wall newspaper in their honor on the wall. For a gift poster, you can take colored cardboard, glue a photo, and write wishes from each student.

It is better to make a newspaper wall on behalf of all students in the class, so that each student can leave a wish to the teacher. Add pictures, decorations, and on top of the newspaper in a beautiful font write "Happy Teacher's Day." The wall will be special because it draws on the imagination of all the students.

If you have already begun to look for excuses that such DIY crafts for home decor need a lot of time and beginners cannot do it, then right now we are ready to dispel such thoughts! Well, the question of time will have to be decided independently. Students can also create a short video and add congratulations and wishes to their teacher that way. The video can include photos of the entire class, insert animation and interesting music. This may be the best option for any virtual class.

Greeting balloons are another unusual Teachers’ Day art project. Stick photos of the teacher on helium balloons and put them all over the classroom. Such a surprise will give a good mood to all those present on such a momentous day.

1. Useful Gifts for Teachers’ Day

This category of gifts is suitable for pedantic and practical people. A universal useful gift is a subscription to the theater, cinema, or spa. Alternatively, a gift certificate to a cosmetics store, sports store, or bookstore will work as well. To delight your teacher with a useful gift, consider what hobbies your teacher has. If you are aware of your teacher's tastes, you can try to pick up a kit for creativity: needlework, baking, painting, etc. A good book, a nice personalized pen, and notebook is a surprise that every teacher will appreciate.

2. Creative Handmade Gift on Teachers’ Day

Among all the possible gifts, the most beloved and best gifts for Teachers’ Day will be a handmade gift. No expensive and exclusive branded gadget or collectible memorabilia can replace a simple postcard for a teacher that you made with your own hands from the bottom of your heart. Ideas for handmade cards for Teachers’ Day can be very different: postcards with a print of autumn leaves, watercolor drawing, collage.

Teachers’ Day drawing ideas are not limited to postcards. Present your teacher with a handmade cup with warm words and wishes or a beautiful thematic ornament. A painted personalized vase will help the teacher solve their problem with what to do with the large number of flowers they receive on the holidays. Together with a bouquet, it makes a wonderful duet! An original T-shirt with the name or the words "Best Teacher" will be a pleasant surprise too. Such an inscription with acrylic markers can be applied to anything: a photo frame, a pen, a T-shirt, a cap.

3. Sweet Teacher's Day Gifts

A lush bouquet of flowers and a gift card is considered to be the most traditional Teachers’ Day gift. For teachers, you can make bouquets of fresh fruits and flowers or arrange a palette of sweets. You can make such a wonderful palette of sweets yourself, or buy a ready-made one from the artisan bakers who make bouquets of candies and various handmade sweets.

Another original sweet gift is a custom-made cake. The drawing for the cake can be made by children, and an experienced pastry chef will recreate it on the product.

You can make a gift basket with your own hands and decorate it with flowers or a greeting card. Such an edible set can include fruits, sweets, tea, and/or coffee. The best greeting card ideas for Teachers’ Day consists of poems of your own authorship.

4. A Bouquet of Flowers as the Most Traditional Gift

All over the world, flowers have always been the number one traditional gift for teachers. You can choose a modest and cute bouquet in craft paper or transparent film, or buy a gorgeous floral composition in a basket or handmade box. Consider who you will be giving flowers to - a man or a woman. Another wise decision is to present the teacher a flower pot. Fresh flowers on the window in the classroom are aesthetically pleasing and useful for students and teachers. They not only decorate your studying room, but also fill the air with oxygen. It is recommended to ask teachers in advance what their favorite flowers are.

5. Professional Gifts for the Teacher

Often teachers refuse to accept gifts, saying that the best gift for them would be good academic marks of their students. In such a situation, you need to give the teacher something that will be useful in the classroom: something that both teachers and students can use. Depending on the teacher's major, donate a study globe, a geographic map, laboratory equipment, portraits of scientists, a set of didactic cards, stationery kits. Also, the teacher will never refuse to accept textbooks, thematic books, scientific journals, subject manuals, or encyclopedias.

Memorable Homemade Teachers' Day Gifts & Ideas

1. In the School Garden

happy teacher day

If you are looking for an original drawing idea to congratulate your dear teacher, this unique Teachers' day art is exactly what you need! Please your favorite teacher with your creative approach by combining rock art project with watercolor painting.

2. Seven-Flower for a Teacher

flower gift for teacher

Delight your favorite teacher by presenting him or her with a magic flower grown with love with your own hands. The magic of this Teachers' day painting lies in the fact that each of its petals is not just a drawing made on a stone, but also heartfelt wishes, added by many grateful students.

3. School Round Dance

drawing for teacher

The best way to congratulate a teacher on a professional holiday is not a bouquet of flowers or sweets, and not even a stationery set for all occasions, but a round dance. It doesn't matter if your classmates are not around, they will always support your idea in a drawn form. Make your teacher smile, amazed with your resourcefulness and cute painted round dance!

4. Teacher of All Jedi


Teacher's Day is the perfect occasion to honor all of humanity's greatest teachers. And of course, Master Yoda, whose boundless wisdom and knowledge has guided us since childhood, is one of the greatest teachers of all time. Such a cup cannot fail to please any teacher - it does not matter whether it is a woman or a man.

5. Teachers' Day Wreath


This cute wreath is one of the most original homemade Teachers' gifts ideas you can make with your own hands. Put kind and warm congratulatory words in each of the leaves to weave your gratitude into this endless wreath for your teacher.

6. The Slogan of a True Teacher

painted glass for thank

Seal the slogan of a true teacher with ceramics and our original mug design! Even a beginner can make such a simple lettering, and your teacher will be immensely happy to receive such a patriotic and useful souvenir.

7. Money Box of Gratitude

painted mug with smile

Still haven't found the right words or courage to thank your teacher for everything? We offer the perfect solution for you! Use this idea to create a thank you box and add absolutely everything you have never said before. And do not forget to attach instructions on How to Draw a Mandala Step by Step - this meditation exercise will be very useful for any teacher.

8. Homemade Greeting Card

handmade painted postcard Thank you

Another classic and timeless way to thank an important person in a noble manner is to give a postcard. Especially if this postcard is made with your own hands and with love. Although it will take you a little time and a watercolor paint box, using our example it is not difficult to make your own greeting card that will perfectly complement a gift bouquet.