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Why Fall is the Best Season to Get Inspired

Do you like autumn? Artistro will show you the beauty of autumn. Create with Artistro markers you will understand why autumn is the best season.


Throughout history, poets, singers, and bards have glorified and praised the autumn season. Why autumn? Perhaps it is because creative people are more sensitive to changes that occur in nature and life itself. Only a creative person is able to see, feel, and convey all the depth, fullness, and very essence contained in every blade of grass, every cave, every tremor of a leaf, and every exhale of wind.

1. The noise of the leaves and the autumn rain song are your teachers 

Listen carefully and look around yourself. Take a deep breath, close your eyes for a minute, and listen. You will feel an incredible atmosphere. The magic of the fall season lies within itself! You don't need to look for inspiration; it will come to you as soon as you admire the incredible autumn palette. As soon as you listen to the timid whisper of a lonely leaf swaying in the wind, or admire the silver rain threads dancing a mysterious dance on a windowpane, inspiration will immediately come to you on its own.

Creative painted leaves

2. The season of autumn is the perfect time for reflection

So, why is fall the best season to find your Muse? The answer to this question must be sought from yourself. Why is it that the autumn atmosphere that prompts us to think? Why, out of all seasons, is it in autumn that we feel an inexplicable need for reflection? Perhaps we have grown tired of the noisy and overactive summer, and autumn gives us a break to catch our breath. Then later, in the winter, there are too few colors or it is too cold — outside, in the house, and even in the soul.

Autumn is an off-season period, the golden mean that a creative nature needs so much. The light and carefree summer has already passed, but the memories of it are still quite vivid, and we will not feel the harsh temper of winter soon. This is the perfect time to take stock, dig deeper, and draw conclusions.

3. The beauty of autumn in the special medium of art 

Nothing is as inspiring as art. The mysterious magic of the autumn season lies in the special sound of music, the special colors of films, and magnetic charm of the theater artists. As you walk out of the theater, delighted with the performance, the stunning autumn landscape will inspire you even more.

You may have noticed that photographs taken in the fall have a special magnetism. One of the good things about autumn is the stunning glow effect that comes from the seasonal position of the sun. There is also some magic to be found in reading your favorite books and watching movies in the evening in a cozy home atmosphere over a cup of hot tea. When rereading your favorite novel in an autumn atmosphere, you will suddenly see how it played with new colors. Favorite stories and songs sound different too; they are deeper and richer in the serene aura of autumn. You just have to listen, and you will surely feel inspiration coming.

4. Metamorphoses of nature

In autumn, the pacification of all things living and nonliving comes, humans and animals are reconciled, nature changes colors, and silence ensues. At this time, when the unity with nature is felt especially vividly, our inner voice awakens. This is the time to prepare for the future. Even in the whole animal world, nature is changing. Watching this makeover is a true revelation and one of the main reasons why fall is the best season to unleash your creativity.

This is an amazing time of year when summer is during the day and winter is knocking at the gate at night. Autumn is a time of the flowering of feelings, yet at the same time it is the approach of a form of extinction of nature. This tragedy echoes in the soul of a creative person to inspire their talents.

painted postcard autumn is coming

5. Thanksgiving spirit of autumn

Despite its emotional and slightly melancholic nature, autumn knows how to party and loves to have fun. Every person's favorite things about fall are its holidays.

When autumn comes, get ready to celebrate:
September 7 - Labor Day
October 31 - Halloween
November 26 - Thanksgiving Day
November 27 - Black Friday
November 30 - Cyber ​​Monday

If all these celebrations aren’t enough to lift your spirits, here are some more original “holidays” you can start celebrating:
September 5 - National Cheese Pizza Day
September 10 - National TV Lunch Day
September 12 - National Chocolate Milkshake Day and Video Games Day
September 19 - Birthday of "Smiley"

Fun parties, colorful costumes, family dinners, barbecues with friends, fireworks, and more! Hear that chime of raindrops on the windowpane? It is not just rain that knocks on the glass, but inspiration. You just need to let it in.

6. Romantic mood

The golden autumn landscapes, which may seem a little melancholic from time to time, look as if they were created specially to renew the romantic atmosphere and help those who are looking for inspiration. Surrendering to the romantic mood of a melancholic fall is one of the key assets in finding inspiration for art. Is it possible not to respond to this call? Is there anything more romantic than hiding from the rain under one umbrella or sinking into a stack of golden leaves together? The metamorphoses of nature are designed to sharpen all our senses and once again emphasize how important it is to spend time with your soul mate. After all, it is much more pleasant to look for autumn inspiration and admire the golden landscape holding hands. 

7. Aromatic warming drinks

One of the best things about autumn and its indispensable attribute is aromatic hot drinks for every taste. Due to the sea breeze, refreshing cocktails and sweet ice cream, you have time to forget the taste and aroma of real hot coffee. It's time to bring it back, as well as try several dozen of new hot drinks recipes. Aromatic coffee and delicate cappuccino, strong tea and fruit herbal collection, burning grog and spicy mulled wine - this is the true autumn aroma and one of the reasons why fall is the best season. Long, cozy evenings will provide you with the opportunity to try and learn many new recipes of warming drinks for a soulful evening get-together with friends and family.

Mug painting with squirell

8. An exciting mushroom season

No walk in the woods beats the fun of mushroom hunting, one of the best fall activities! Why is the process of collecting mushrooms called hunting? Because it is no less addictive and exciting activity for real gamblers. Besides, in addition to doing a useful job, gathering healthy treats for food, you spend time outdoors and do a lot of exercise. Even if you don't like to eat mushrooms yourself, you will definitely love picking them, because this is an incredibly exciting activity.

9. Harvesting celebration

Autumn is the richest harvest season, because it is at this time that fruits and vegetables ripen, and it is time to harvest. In autumn, you will be able to enjoy the rich gifts of nature to your fullest: sweet apples, large grapes, fragrant pears, cucumbers and tomatoes for every taste, rich melons and gourds. And the main autumn asset is an abundance of pumpkins, of various shapes and sizes, which will give real freedom to creativity on Halloween. Why fall is the best season? Autumn will fill your cornucopia with rich and healthy supplies for the whole winter.

10. An unforgettable tourist season

The summer travel season has come to an end, but this is not a reason to be upset, rather the opposite. You still have the chance to enjoy a seaside holiday during the velvet season, which has many advantages: hotel booking prices are cheaper than during the high summer season, and the sea is still just as warm. But the main plus is the opportunity to enjoy the sights of other countries. In the fall, a significantly smaller number of tourists travel around the world, so you will be free from getting stuck in boring traffic jams or queuing at the museum. You can travel in comfort and take many high-quality photos against the backdrop of local attractions, wherever you go.