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8 Interesting Fall Painting Ideas for the Whole Family

Autumn is here, and it’s time for fun DIY fall crafts! For many people, there’s no more lovely time of year than autumn

Back-to-school season comes to the end, theater posters are again full of bright photos, parks and squares are adorned with golden decorations. This means that the time has come to meet autumn again. And what is the best way to welcome the return of the harvest era, happy holidays, and school activities, if you do not prepare themed fall crafts. Artistro has already collected a list of the most interesting autumn projects for you.

1) Autumn is coming lettering

autumn is coming painting

What ways do you use to welcome the coming season? This simple lettering using metallic paint pen will suit even those who are unsure of their artistic skills. Be sure to show your hospitality well by welcoming the new season to win its support and look forward to a bountiful harvest this fall.

2) Forest penny story stones 

autumn rock painting

Fascinating penny stories are scattered around the world, sharing their wisdom and fun with everyone. Add your own international fables to this piggy bank by painting original forest story stones. Just collect some river pebbles and find in the forest inspirational objects that you want to capture in the form of a drawing.

3) Autumn greetings wood slice painting

autumn wood painting

Homemade wood slice is not only a fascinating fall artwork for a fun time with children, but also a great way to welcome the coming autumn. Use rich craft materials that autumn brings with it to paint cute fall symbols and make such an original decor.

4) Mushroom hunting stone painting

mushrooms stone painting

It is not surprising that among all autumn painting ideas, the first thought that comes to mind is to paint mushrooms.  Since the chance to enjoy such wonderful activities as mushroom hunting is available in the fall only, be sure not to miss this opportunity. Although this activity requires a certain skill and experience, you will gain invaluable knowledge of mushroom anatomy to use later when painting stones.

5) Autumn leaf painting

leaves painting

painting autumn leaves

The fall season is especially generous with craft materials. Each tree leaf, collected by children during a walk in the park, can be turned into a real autumn art and craft, if you spend a little time on it. To create these original fall art projects, you need only a set of markers and a little imagination. In this way, you can collect a whole collection of amazing zentangle and lettering projects!

6) Fall coffee cup design

paper cup fall art

The arrival of autumn is a reason to update not only your wardrobe by purchasing new stylish warm clothes. Your daily accessories also need a seasonal upgrade with new fall painting ideas. And which of the mobile accessories is the most important in the fall? Your personalized coffee cup, of course!

7) Autumn postcard


There is no better way to greet someone than sending a greeting card! And the return of the fall season is no exception. Create a themed lettering with markers in vibrant autumn colors, and then add some fall symbolism. Your greeting card is ready!

8) Forest applique


This simple yet fun applique is a great kid's art for a fall school fair. Complete the child's drawing on the autumn theme with painted stones with colorful tree leaves, using acrylic markers. Also, you can add some pieces of the autumn herbarium previously made by the kid to give the craft even more originality.

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