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30 Fun Things to Do in the Fall - Artistro Inspiring Autumn Checklist

Spend this autumn with pleasure. Artistro activities to do in the fall.

Autumn is a wonderful season! It is a chance to enjoy the unique beauty of autumnal nature: bright summer colors intertwined with the brooding, gray landscape of the approaching colds. It is also a time for peace, reflection, and leisurely walks.

Autumn has its own character, its own rules, and many unique activities.

Top 30 most exciting things we recommend to do during fall:

  1. Create pumpkin decor
  2. Play Hide & Seek
  3. Have a horror movie night
  4. Create handmade autumn postcards
  5. Construct a forest den
  6. Feed animals and birds
  7. Prepare pumpkin stencils
  8. Color adult coloring pages
  9. Start the theater season. 
  10. Reread your favorite book. 
  11. Arrange an autumn picnic. 
  12. Stock up on tea for the autumn-winter season. 
  13. Paint your favorite teacup.
  14. Find your cozy cafe. 
  15. Arrange an autumn photo session. 
  16. Try new autumn pie recipes. 
  17. Decorate photo frames.
  18. Take a long walk in the rain. 
  19. Watch the sunset. 
  20. Host a family quiz event. 
  21. Arrange an evening of board games with friends. 
  22. Arrange a summer fashion show. 
  23. Start an autumn diary. 
  24. Take part in the autumn crafts competition. 
  25. Learn needlework. 
  26. Make a birdhouse. 
  27. Watch the starry sky. 
  28. Collect a demi-season herbarium.
  29. Prepare your Halloween party costume. 
  30. Harvest mushrooms in the forest.

1. Pumpkin decor. The pumpkin carving tradition is one of the most fun things to do in the fall! You don't have to wait for Halloween to practice decorating your house with pumpkins. This is a great activity for a family evening or for hanging out with friends. You don’t have to carve the pumpkin; you could also use it as a canvas for your ideas. Practice ahead of time to delight your friends with your awesome painted pumpkins!

Pumpkin craft painting idea

2. Hide & Seek. It doesn't matter what other people say — this serious strategy game isn't just for kids! Don't believe us? Then try sneaking away from your kids or hiding from the dog! Think ahead about your strategy and find the largest pile of leaves to practice your invisibility skill!

3. Horror movie night. You can think of this as phase one in your Halloween preparations. Get together with your friends for a horror movie marathon! If you are not a fan of horror movies, you can replace the horror movie night with a Star Wars marathon.

Don’t forget to restock the coffee in advance and warn your boss that you may be a little late for work — the night will be long!

rock painting with autumn leaves

When there is such beauty around and the local park beckons for a walk, it becomes more difficult to reason with a child's enthusiasm. How can you keep your little fidgeter busy so that they don't get new bruises and scratches? Keep them occupied with these useful fall season activities!

Here are ideas for a few things to do in autumn to engage your child:

4. Create handmade autumn post cards. This activity tops the list of autumn things to do for a reason. Resources for this type of craft are available only in the fall. That's why we recommend you hurry up, so that you have time to enjoy properly this wonderful type of autumn creativity with your kids. It is very easy to make autumn cards: while in a park or square, collect a bouquet of autumn leaves. Color each leaf with markers and attach it to a piece of paper so that a colorful print remains on it. Add a greeting or wish over the print. Done, your unique autumn card is ready!

Postcard leaves painting

5. Construct a forest den. This kind of fun requires not only a lot of enthusiasm, but also a lot of preparation. This is a real serious adventure in the style of Indiana Jones! Finding a natural awning frame can take a little time; you need to find a fallen tree or branches growing low enough to the ground. Then collect a sufficient number of fallen branches, sticks, and leaves in order to then create the walls of your lair.

6. Feed animals and birds. This is not only fun, but it’s also a noble occupation, because you help little animals to find food. It is very simple to do this: just go for a walk in the forest, having previously stocked up on appropriate treats that are safe for wild animals to eat. It is better to look for animals in a remote part of the forest, where it is not so crowded. Even if you are not lucky enough to meet a squirrel or a hedgehog, you can definitely treat sparrows and pigeons to some seeds.

7. Prepare pumpkin stencils.  Preparing for Halloween can take a lot of time and effort, so getting started early is a good strategic move. This Halloween, surprise your family and friends with the original festival decor by carving pumpkins using homemade stencils.

8. Color adult coloring pages. Working with coloring books trains fine motor skills and artistic taste, so this is a suitable activity for adults as well. Enjoy the richness of the palette and the healing power of the mandala while relaxing with Artistro coloring pages.

9. Start the theater season. During the fall season it is the time to start a new theater season. Attend a theatrical premiere, find out which theaters have performances for children, buy programs and posters. Visit an unusual exhibition: an upside-down house, exotic animals, miniature crafts, and more.

10. Collect a demi-season herbarium. Collect, dry, and carefully place the summer-fall fauna composition on a bookshelf. This is a great way to have fun while honoring the seasons that pass and come.

11. Reread your favorite book. Returning to your favorite handbook is one of the first stuff to do in the fall. Cloudy autumn weather encourages the resumption of such a useful activity as reading. In early fall, make a fall list of books you want to read and try to read as much as possible.

12. Arrange an autumn picnic. The special atmosphere of autumn is perfect for such events as a picnic, barbecue, or just a friendly get-together around the fire. Be sure to enjoy these autumn activities with your friends and loved ones.

13. Stock up on tea for the autumn-winter season. Wondering what to do in fall, you should definitely have time to collect your unique supply of tea for the entire autumn and winter seasons. Buy several varieties of aromatic teas (tiramisu, cinnamon, juniper, ginger, cherry, etc.) to enjoy on cold mornings.

14. Paint your favorite teacup. Once you've gathered your own unique collection of teas, it's time to update your home tea set. Give new life to an old cup by painting it with acrylic markers and our guide. And those who get a taste will be able to replenish their dining sets with a painted butter dish and plates. 

15. Find your cozy cafe. When the sun pleases you less and less, and an autumn day threatens to tear the sky with pouring rain, it's time to relax in a small cafe. Find your cute and cozy cafe where you can while away the rainy evenings with pleasure.

16. Arrange an autumn photo session. A photo session with a background of autumn leaves is one of the must and best fall activities. Unleash your imagination: experiment with clothes, furnishings, photo ideas, filters.

17. Try new autumn pie recipes. It's time to enjoy not only the autumn landscapes, but also the rich harvest of this season. Trying a few new recipes of autumn pies with pumpkin, apples, or pears is a must.

18. Decorate photo frames. Decorate photo frames with cones, acorns, twigs, cinnamon, and other little things. Print new photos from your recent fall photo session and frame them. Be sure to arrange an autumn family photo session in advance.

19. Take a long walk in the rain. On a fine day, go for a long walk with tea in thermo mugs and some light snacks. Take pictures of beautiful trees in the arboretum, find out their names at home. Walking in the rain is one of the must-haves on the autumn to do list, so don't forget to bring an umbrella and a thermos of tea with you.

20. Watch the sunset. Since the daytime is significantly reduced during the autumn period, do not miss the chance to enjoy the beauty of nature. Be sure to watch the sunset ahead of the long fall.

21. Host a family quiz event. Organizing an evening with fun activities, useful games, and an educational quiz is a great way to while away a rainy autumn evening. In addition, the family quiz is number one in the list of educational activities for kids at home.

22. Arrange an evening of board games with friends. Autumn is the season of board games and fun evenings with friends. It's time to get your hands on Monopoly, playing cards, twister and host a friendly poker or darts tournament.

23. Arrange a summer fashion show. Arrange a fashion show of summer clothes and pack them later until next summer. This will help lift your spirits by remembering the warm summer days, and tune in to the beginning of the fall season. This activity is both enjoyable and rewarding.

24. Start an autumn diary. Buy a diary with an autumn cover to write down the best events of the autumn days in it. Add new photos from the fashion show and fall photo shoot, sketch, draw the fall list, add your herbarium.

25. Take part in the autumn crafts competition. Autumn is rich not only in beautiful landscapes and generous harvests. She also provides a lot of fun and environmentally friendly material for creating fun crafts. Do not miss this chance to take part in the autumn crafts competition in a kindergarten or school.

26. Learn needlework. If you have never tried yourself in activities related to needlework, in the fall you will have such an opportunity. Find an activity to your liking: knitting, embroidery, beading, wood burning. Also involve children in the fun process of making crafts.

27. Make a birdhouse. One of the prerequisites of the autumn to do list is to take care of our smaller brothers. No matter how skilled you are, everyone can make a simple bird feeder made of wood using materials at hand.

28. Watch the starry sky. Observe the starry sky through a telescope or binoculars. Try to find the constellation corresponding to your zodiac sign, Ursa Major, Milky Way.

29. Prepare your Halloween party costume. It takes a lot of time to make a shopping list, come up with decorations, and think about what gifts to give to your family. So think ahead about your costume and party decorations for your home this Halloween.

30. Harvest mushrooms in the forest. Even if you've never done it before, go mushroom hunting in the forest. Many secrets of the forest and natural phenomena will be revealed to you, and if you are lucky, you can bring home a generous catch.