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How to Make a Halloween Wood Slice Craft

How to decorate the house with wood slices.

How to Make a Wonderful Handmade Halloween Wood Slice Craft

There are only a few days left until Halloween, so the question of how to decorate a house is the most urgent for everyone. We want to share some Halloween art and craft ideas with you. Also, don't forget to carve an awesome festival pumpkin using our original pumpkin stencils.

Painting on wood is not only an inexpensive and original way to create a festive decor, but also fun activities for the whole family.

Three basic wood painting techniques

Images on wood surfaces can be painted in different ways:

  • using a pre-prepared stencil;
  • using point to point painting technique;
  • making a drawing from a sketch.
  • The choice of painting technique depends on the skills and experience of an artist.

    wood painting sherlock

    Stencil method

    To make an easy Halloween craft, we recommend using a stencil for drawing an image, because this is the easiest way to draw on wood. The finished picture template is applied to the base, outlined with a pencil and painted with acrylic markers. You can make a stencil of any image yourself. To do this, it is enough to find the necessary drawing on the Internet, print it on a printer and cut it out. You can also order the image from a professional artist.

    wood never stop looking

    Point to point painting technique.

    This wood painting technology is perfect for people who have initial or insufficient artistic skills. Using dot painting, you can create beautiful patterns for Halloween craft decorations.

    The essence of the point drawing technology is that many points are applied to the finished sketch, which are landmarks for copying the image onto a wooden surface. The more such landmarks, the more accurately you can transfer the original picture to the desired object. By using the dot copying technique, even people with basic drawing skills can create artistic masterpieces. To do this, copy the point sketch with a soft pencil onto the surface of a wooden object. After that, you can start drawing with acrylic markers, showing your own imagination.

    wood painting shine

    Using sketches

    The method of painting wood by sketches means free creativity, which makes this method an excellent choice for implementing your easy Halloween craft ideas. The artist first creates a sketch of the image, then transfers it to a wooden product and paints it.

    For artists, sketches are details of paintings. And those artists who are not professionally involved in creative activity can use geometric shapes as sketches. Using sketches, you can create your own patterns by adding plant and geometric components to make exciting DIY Halloween craft.

    After complete drying, it is recommended to cover the decorated surface with a thin layer of varnish. In this case, the composition of the varnish is selected depending on the dyes used. This will increase the life of your crafts.

    How to draw a Halloween art craft step by step?

    wood ghost
  • 1. Tint a surface of the piece of wood with black acrylic paint and wait for the paint to dry completely before moving on to the next step.
  • 2. Make sure to prepare a stencil of your future picture in advance
  • Take note! You can come up with original Halloween craft ideas to make your own festive or scary ornament yourself, or find a ready-made picture on the Internet and print it out.

  • 3. Apply the stencil to a piece of wood, press it tight and trace around with a pencil
  • 4. Outline the picture with a marker of the appropriate color
  • 5. Repeat the contour line with a marker of a different color
  • wood pumpkin

    Take note! The drawing is richer and brighter if you use the markers of the close color segment and the palette to create the outline.

  • 6. Use glitter and metallic markers, or gold and silver ones to add sparkle to your drawing or highlight important elements of the painting.
  • It is important! Remember to shake and prime each marker before starting work.

    Congratulations! Your awesome wood crafts are ready. Now it remains to decorate them with a ribbon and find a suitable place in the house where to hang your new handmade decorations.

    You can prepare wood slices for creativity yourself and buy additional markers and paints. Or you can purchase a ready-made complete kit.

    Wood Slices Craft Kit includes everything you need to get creative: colored markers, acrylic paint, prepared wood slices, ribbon and a rope to hang the finished ornament. Thus, you do not need to buy anything extra, everything is ready for your convenience in advance. But the main advantage of this craft kit is the complete booklet, which contains detailed tutorials and dozens of original ideas to transfer.