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Incredible Halloween Rock Painting Ideas from Artistro | Artistro

Create these spooky Halloween story stones with Artistro Rock Painting Kit! 

The Rock Painting Kit from Artistro provides EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO let your creativity flow! Perfect for paint party supplies, each kids craft kits includes 10 ROCKS, 12 COLORS acrylic paints for kids, a PALETTE, 4 PAINT BRUSHES (2 round, 2 flat), a set of HOLIDAY TRANSFER STICKERS, & a PAINT SPONGE for UNIQUE DESIGNS. A black & a white fine tipped PAINT PENS for rock painting detailed work & lettering. Creativity for kids & adults alike! 

halloween rock painting

1. Get a rock from Artistro Rock Painting Kit. 

2. Paint it green and pink. 

rock for painting

3. Add yellow eyes and teeth. Use Artistro black extra fine tip marker for detailed work. 

funny face painted on stone

4. Add some personality to the Zombie: whiten the teeth, add scars and crazy eyeballs. Do not forget to draw the brain ;)

zombie rock painting

 Your first Halloween rock is ready! 


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