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How to paint a water bottle: Artistro painting guide

How to turn your water bottle into a stylish accessory? Just grab some paints and original water bottle painting ideas!
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To paint a water bottle, prepare the following supplies in advance:

  • a plastic or silicone water bottle,
  • a set of permanent oil-based markers,
  • rubbing alcohol and napkins for degreasing.
  • Tips to consider when painting water bottles

    1. Before starting work, take a little time to prepare the bottle for work: wipe its surface with rubbing alcohol for degreasing and wait for it to evaporate.
    2. Since oil-based markers are permanent, they dry in a few minutes; therefore, be extremely careful in the painting process and try not to make mistakes.
    3. You can experiment and use any type of markers you want, such as medium tip markers, but for lettering projects we recommend using oil-based paint markers as they give more control over the lines.
    4. You don't have to be limited to lettering. When you feel more confident, decorate the next bottle with an original design in addition to lettering.
    5. Remember that creating a water bottle artwork is a simple and fun activity that does not require special tools or additional money.

    How to paint a water bottle step by step

    painting a water bottle - step 1

    1. After you have prepared the bottle for work, be sure to shake the marker well. Take the marker of the desired color and create the first row of lettering. 

    painting a water bottle - step 2           

      1. Just below the first row, draw a rectangle that will be the center of the flying ribbon.

       painting a water bottle - step 3

      1. To the right and left of the rectangle, carefully draw the jagged protrusions - these will be the edges of the ribbon bent back.

       painting a water bottle - step 4

      1. Inside the rectangle, carefully write the second row of letters to prevent smearing.

       painting a water bottle - step 5

      1. Change the font type slightly and add the next row of lettering below the ribbon.

       painting a water bottle - step 6

      1. To draw the last phrase, first trace the outlines of the large letters and then tint them inside.

       painting a water bottle - step 7

      1. At the last stage add contrast to the last phrase using the blue marker. After the bold lettering is completely dry, repeat the word again inside the large lettering in blue. Let the painted water bottle dry completely.

      Three motivational water bottle artworks

      Flash water bottle design
      Flash water bottle design

      If you want to keep yourself in good shape and be fit, never give yourself slack. And to remember the dangers of any slacking and the benefits of drinking water, always keep this Flash water bottle with you as a reminder!  Also be sure to watch this video for a free master class on how to create this cute design.

       The best Muse ever water bottle design

      The best Muse ever water bottle design

      Still looking for Musa's inspiring spirit to get active? Become the master of your own destiny and inspiration yourself. Remember, everything you do, you do for yourself. Use our motivational water bottle design so you don't forget about it!

        Beta testing is NOT required water bottle design

      Beta testing is NOT required water bottle design

      The days of two-step testing are a thing of the past. From now on, every day - you are the most complete and improved version of yourself. And to keep up with daily updates, remember to drink enough drinking water! ;)