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41 Amazing Coffee Mug Painting Ideas from Artistro

Whether you want to update an unadorned cup or mug for yourself or create a useful handmade gift for someone you love, you can customize a beverage container surface easily with odor-free, non-toxic, water-resistant Artistro ceramic markers and some basic supplies...
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Breathe new life into your old mug! Why spend extra money on buying new tableware when you can create a completely new and colorful table set with your own hands? You can take any old mug and decorate it at home with materials at hand, getting an original homemade souvenir in just a couple of hours. We will tell you how to paint ceramic mugs professionally.

Interesting coffee mug painting ideas by Artistro

1. Warm hugs mug design

coffee is a hug in a mug

What could be better than a cup of aromatic coffee and warm hugs? Only if you combine these two conditions into one, using our coffee mug painting idea! This simple classic lettering warms not only your coffee, but your soul as well.

2. From Ireland with love mug design

love me I am Irish 

For connoisseurs of the mysterious Irish soul and all the lovers of fun, fascinating fables, there is a simple recipe to express this. Just use the magic of cup painting to open your wide soul to the world.

3. Christmas mugs


These cute mug designs are sure to be both a great gift for your loved ones and a decoration of the festive table to the envy of all guests. And don't forget to use golden extra fine point paint pens to add sparkly lettering with your Christmas wishes.

4. Just DO IT mug design

 let's do this

Sometimes what we lack for great accomplishments is a refreshing cup of coffee in the morning and a little motivation. We have found a recipe for how to combine this into one: behold the universal motivational diy coffee mug design!

5. Hogwarts coffee mug

espresso patronum

And this cute painting will undoubtedly appeal to Harry Potter fans, as well as to all those who believe in magic. Treat yourself to such a little joy; just add a drop of magic to your favorite coffee!

6. Lady boss mug design

lady boss

A real woman is capable of being both, a sophisticated lady and a tough boss at the same time. Accentuate your true status by painting this fun ceramic cup to showcase your true inner masculinity.

7. Cappuccino brake mug design


The perfect solution for all dog persons and coffee enthusiasts to combine two favorite activities in one. Spend time with your cute pug pet while preparing breakfast or relaxing during your lunch break.

8. Forest midnight mug design

forrest mug

Do you like beautiful mesmerizing landscapes and admire the magical full moon? Draw a starry sky in a dense forest with your own hands and enjoy your favorite night landscape at any time!

9. Zodiac starlight mug design


If you managed to learn all the signs of the constellations and unravel the secrets of neighboring galaxies, it's time to move to a new level: creating your own constellations! All you need to do this is an old cup and a set of golden markers.

10. Nutella timeout mug design


The sweetest coffee mug format is themed diy hand painted mugs with Nutella icon! What appeals better with your morning coffee than a scented fresh bread with a generous dose of Nutella butter?

11. Traffic light mug design

I'll be there for you

Just as traffic lights can be a decisive factor in your life, a simple wish sometimes decides a lot. Create this easy lettering to please yourself and your loved ones with a motivational quote.

12. Team daddy mug design

daddy and me

Sometimes it is so difficult to express in words your feelings about your father, without violating his courageous role, that it is easier to portray your gratitude in the form of a picture. And it is better to put this drawing on your dad's favorite cup!

13. Ocean Boss mug design

ocean boss

Even in the depths of the sea, there is a clear hierarchy. Remind the dearest yourself who the main boss on the land is today. This themed painting is worthy only of the most serious land chef!

14. Girl's best friend mug design

mug design

Want to present luxury jewelry to your loved one, but don't have enough funding? We have already prepared a great alternative for you: a bright faceted gift diamond .... on her favorite cup!

15. Rainbow dots mug design

mug painting ideas

Don't believe it is possible to make a rainbow without the help of rain? Then this simple design is for you. Create it yourself and enjoy the bright rainbow even on a winter day!

16. Fiesta mug design

mug art

It's time to relax after a hard working day and plunge into the merry rage of a real fiesta! And if sunny Spain is far away, it doesn't matter, you can always breathe the spirit of the holiday into your favorite cup with your own hands.

17. Favorite of the sun mug design

cup painting

Add a warm spring atmosphere to your interior by decorating the cup with cheerful spring patterns. And don't forget to add more freckles as a sign that the sun loves you!

18. No doubts mug design

I can't adult today

If for some reason you are tormented by doubts about any issue, just relax and drink a cup of aromatic coffee from your favorite No doubts cup. All doubts will be dispelled immediately.

19. Blooming mug design


Looking for simple yet mesmerizing cup painting ideas? There is nothing simpler and more attractive than an elegant gold painting on a black varnished mug!

20. May blossom mug design

May Day

This design is perfect for all spring season birthday people and Star Wars fans. Boast to all your friends about the power of the May blossom!

21. Sweet melon mug design

cup design

For all those with a sweet tooth and fans of juicy watermelons, we've come up with this easy way to paint themed cups. You can take any of single color mugs to paint at home using this idea.

22. Morning exercise mug design

start your morning

Remind yourself of the importance of gymnastics and daily positive practice with this simple yet smiling lettering!

23. Smiley mug design


Want to know the secret of how to smile every time you have a lunch break? The answer is simple: write this simple but golden rule right on your favorite cup!

24. Dream big mug design

you can do it

Simple plain cups seem too boring? This is the last century, it's time to show your taste and create a stylish motivational design with your own hands.

25. BatMug design


Create a cool DIY BatMug design of your own. It will be a stylish and useful gadget that will be loved by both adults and children. This is not the cup you need, but the one you deserve.

26. Friendship mug design

best friends

True friendship does not need pretentious speeches and loud statements, but simple and sincere gestures. Your friend will love this simple yet soulful gift cup design.

27. Sweet dreams mug design

sweet dreams

Do you like indulging in sweet dreams? Don't hold yourself back! Picture those sweet dreams right on the cup and enjoy them daily. Dream with doughnut mug without the risk of adding extra calories :)

28. Starry lovely mugs

custom mugs

Start your creative journey with small victories. When start creating diy custom coffee mugs, try simple patterns like hearts or stars first, and see how they can transform your tableware.

29. Minecraft mug design


This design is a real find for Minecraft and Tetris gamers. They will be able to spend more than one hour creating and solving this exciting puzzle for all co-gamers to envy.

30. Pretty woman mug design

happy girls

How to make a girl happy? Compliment her by making her smile. After all, the secret is simple: happy girls are the most beautiful!

31. Under the sea mug design


Attracted by the mysterious singing of sirens and the beauty of the sea? Enjoy the exciting life under the sea every day with our unique cup design!

32. Cookie Milky Way mug design

milk cookie

For all those who are used to start a new day with a healthy glass of milk and favorite cookies, we have come up with this special design. This milk and cookies mug will help you enjoy your favorite delicacy even at work when out of the reach of your favorite delicacies.

33. Bittersweet love mug design

love mug

To surprise your better half, show your creativity and prepare an unusual handmade gift. This pair of Valentine's day coffee mugs will help strengthen your relationship and create a unique sweet-hot soul bond between you!

34. Space impact mug design

adventure cup

Are you dreaming of going on a dizzying journey enjoying the beauty of the Earth from a bird's eye view? It's time to make a balloon with your own hands. We have already prepared a suitable blueprint for you, just use it.

35. Tourist mug design

 paper cup design

A true travel enthusiast knows that no hike is complete without a hot drink on the road. Drink coffee in style without involving outdated thermoses with a new tourist handmade coffee cup!

36. Seeker of adventures mug design

 paper cup art

Adventurer's first rule: never stop looking for adventure. Adventurer's second rule states: always take a cup of your favorite hot drink with you. Don't forget to make a unique custom paper cup to enjoy your coffee at the top of the conquered mountain peak!

37. Darker than Black mug design

gold and silver

Black ceramic mugs are the greatest solution for true champions of the classics and connoisseurs of elegant style. Add sophistication to your cookware using gold and silver patterns with the slightest hint of nostalgia.

38. Warm memories mug design

red mittens

When there is a blizzard outside and the soul is snowbound, it's time to warm up with a cup of hot cocoa and cute painted mittens made on it with your own hands.

39. Beloved mug design


Tell your loved one about your feelings in an original manner. Heart-to-heart gold lettering and cute heart-shaped figures on a handmade cup will help you with this.

40. Best friends mug design


Who is a man's best friend? Everyone knows it's a dog. Who is a dog's best friend? Of course, an appetizing donut with sweet frosting and cream! This picture of best friends is sure to cheer you up during your tea drinking.

41. Shape of Love mug design

faith hope love

Love can take different forms and images depending on the shape of the hearts of the two people involved in it. But one thing remains unchanged: love is hope and faith.

Useful tips when painting a mug:

  1. You can draw with different types of markers; they all work well on ceramics.
  2. After finishing the project, you need to wait for the drawing to dry well; drying time depends on the thickness of the paint layer.
  3. Regarding colors, it is advisable to choose colors that contrast with the color of the cup so that the pattern is more noticeable.
  4. To seal the design, put the mug in a cold oven, turn on the maximum temperature, and leave the mug there for about an hour. Then turn off the oven and leave the mug there until it cools down completely and only then take it out of the oven. In no case take out a still hot mug, since it can crack from the temperature drop.
  5. It is recommended to wash the cup manually.
  6. Before applying the pattern, the mug can be degreased by rubbing with alcohol.
  7. It is better to start lettering with a thin marker. They can both write thinly and make thickening where necessary.
  8. Before applying, you need to shake the marker well to shake up the paint inside it.
  9. If you want to change the default color of the cup, use acrylic paint set to tint its entire surface.
  10. The main secret: you can erase the drawing immediately with a solvent if something went wrong, and draw everything from the very beginning.

How to make a beautiful lettering mug design

1. Gather your supplies. You will need a plain ceramic mug, self-adhesive tape, a lead pencil, your favorite quote pre-printed on paper, and one Artistro colorful marker set of your choice. You can come up with an interesting lettering yourself or download a ready-made quote from the Internet.
2. Prepare the design for transfer. Crop the printed paper until the lettering area adjusts to fit on the cup where you want to place the quote. Place the paper front side down on a flat surface. Then, gently rub the lettering area with a pencil until it is completely covered with graphite.

prepare stencil

3. Glue the lettering sketch onto the mug. Place the quotation sheet on the surface of the mug with the right side facing you and the graphite side facing the mug. Then glue it to the mug using tape.

painting stencil designs

4. Transfer the design. Trace each letter of the quote several times with a pencil firmly so that the graphite on the back of the paper sticks to the surface of the mug.

art tutorial

5. Trace the lettering with colored markers. Peel off the tape and paper from the mug. Make sure you can clearly see all the lines of each letter, and then repeat them with colored markers. Color the lettering with one or more different markers of your choice. When you're done, wait at least 10-15 minutes for the design to dry.

diy mug
kiss me please mug

6. Seal the design. To make the design permanent, just bake the mug in the oven. Place the mug in the center of a cool oven and bake for at least an hour at 310-350 degrees Fahrenheit (160-180 Celsius). Turn off the oven and open the door, then let the mug cool down completely.

coffee mug painting ideas