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There is a wide range of art supplies on the market and in our art shop. We will consider a description of the most basic of them, a kind of basic toolbox for any artist's tools. You can purchase many of these artists' supplies online from us.
There are different types of easels. For outdoor painting, easels with three legs are used. They are lightweight, very stable, their height is adjustable. Еhey have a mechanism to stabilize the top of the painting. Also, they fold up for easy transport.
Studio easels are used primarily for studio work. They are more massive than street easels and are more stable. Studio easels have the ability to adjust the height and tilt angle. There are also easels with a built-in drawer in which you can store paints, brushes, etc. Small desk easels are designed for small image formats.

Paper, canvas, and brushes

When it comes to paper, there is a huge selection of colors and types, depending on the technique used. Paper has varying degrees of graininess and absorbency. Special types of paper with increased absorption have been developed for watercolor painting and other water-based techniques.

For oil and acrylic painting, primed linen canvas is most often used, as well as primed fiberboard, cardboard, plywood, etc. Paper is used less frequently, as this can lead to paint cracking. You can compare all types of paper and canvas using filters when you buy art supplies online. For charcoal and pencil drawing, you can use a sketchbook or sheets of cardboard. For the dry pastel technique, it is recommended to use velour paper.

There is a wide range of brushes, both natural and artificial. Their sizes and shapes are also varied: the most popular are round, flat, and in the form of feline tongues. Durable and flexible pig bristle brushes are suitable for working with oil. But for finer patterns, it is better to use squirrel or marten fur brushes. The bristles of marten, squirrel, and cow work perfectly with fine paints, tempera, watercolors, as well as with acrylic paints. When you buy art supplies online, be sure to pay attention to the type of bristles.

The spatula is an important tool as well. It can have a classic scapula shape or be quite narrow. Applying paint with a spatula produces interesting textures, and it is also used for mixing paint.

Paints and pencils

By type, pencils are divided into hard and soft. The pencils, marked with the letter H, make the light and clear line commonly used in technical drawings. Pencils marked B, soft with a thick dark line, are used mainly in art graphics. Typically, the lead of a graphite pencil is inserted into a wooden shell, but now pure graphite is also available. Charcoal is also used for drawing. It comes in the form of sticks, pencils, or chalk of different colors.

There is a very large selection of paints and manufacturers on the market that you can appreciate when buy art supplies online. Oil, acrylic, watercolor, and tempera are available in a very wide range of colors. Oil paints are sold in tubes of different sizes at best online art supply store. You can buy them individually or in whole sets. Acrylic paints are available in tubes and jars.

Watercolors can be purchased dry: in a palette and in cream form. Watercolor pencils are also available in palette and tubes. Semi manufactured goods are sold in tubes of different sizes, both separately and in sets. Dry and oil pastels are also available on the market. Oil pastels come in pencil form and are sold in a wide range of colors. Dry pastels come in the form of simple sticks or square sticks. Oil pastels can be diluted with turpentine for a painterly effect.